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NEW Spiritual Retreat & Update w/ Julie Jancius (Bonus Episode)


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Julie Jancius: Hello, beautiful souls. Welcome back to the Angels and Awakening podcast. I’m your host and author, Julie Jancis. Friends, I’m so excited. I’m asking Danny, my podcast editor. Please don’t put an intro, an outro, or an ad because this is one of those special episodes. So you still have your Monday episode where we’re interviewing someone. You still have your Thursday episode, ah, where we’re sharing an angel story, but this is an episode where I wanted to hop on special with audiency. we’re recording this on Monday, June 3. I just got back late last night. 09:00 p.m. all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we were doing the in person Angel Reiki school, which I want to talk about a little bit. But, autumn, I don’t want to confuse people, because I really want the focus of this episode to be the, angel retreat that we’re doing, the spiritual retreat that we’re doing October 4, fifth and 6th, in Oakbrook, Illinois, at the exact same hotel. I just want to say, though, that, and we’ll talk about what’s the difference. But, oh, my goodness, I could not believe how much spirit just brought to our doorstep. Connections that were made, synchronicities that were happening, signs that we got messages. Like, I was at the in person angel Reiki school all this weekend, and autumn, it was like I was opening my mouth, and I was just in oneness. And I. I’m having those moments all weekend where spirit is just talking through me, and, you know when there’s thoughts in your head and then you go to say them, and you’re conscious of what’s being said. It was like my mouth was just opening, and whatever needed to flow out was just flowing out. But I wasn’t pre planning it within my head. It was just channeling on the spot. but I remember after the vip dinner Saturday night for the in person angel Reiki school, I just sat there, and these tears started streaming down my face. And I was like, they don’t want this to end. And I came in the next morning, Sunday morning, I told everybody that, and they go, Julie, we feel the exact same way. Like, should we just move into the hotel?

Autumn: Oh, my goodness. That’s amazing. I was getting text messages from people at the retreat the whole time about synchronicities, how much love you were bringing, the atmosphere of the unconditional love that was in the room. I was so sad that I couldn’t make it, but I do know that a lot of people got a lot out of it. And just the messages you were bringing, the validation you were bringing for people. one of the guests that had come was looking for a sign the entire time, and you guys actually pulled into the hotel room or the hotel at the exact same time, and you gave her a hug, and she’s like, yes, that was the sign I needed. And then she also said that her dad loved, horse races. And at the front desk, when she went to go check in, there was a huge horse, racing picture on the back wall. I’m like, oh, my goodness. The angels work such miracles in so many different ways, and I’m so grateful that everyone got to experience that.

Julie Jancius: Oh, my goodness. Well, the craziest thing was, Okay, so I gotta tell this story. So I still just blown away. Okay, so, like, May 6 7th, fourth, I don’t know. One of those early dates in May, the professional women’s association of Chicago, reached out, and they were like, we’re having this luncheon for 100 women, you know, like CEO’s, presidents, entrepreneurs, all women based. Would you come be the speaker on stage at the luncheon while they’re eating lunch this day? And I’m like, absolutely. This sounds incredible. And for the last two months before, I have been having meetings with our team and Callie about the tv show, and we’ve said, and I’m not going to say it here, because a lot of people are going to. The people that we’re working with and are pitching their ideas, and I want to kind of protect their privacy. But in these meetings, and, I mean, it was like eight meetings, we have been so intentional about who we want to bring into this. And we’ve been saying, we really want to work with this one person. We want to really work with, this other person over in this other part of television that we really want to rope in. So these two different people who are major, they’ve done incredible things, and they just know how to pull tv shows together. So, I’m at this professional women’s club, speaking on stage, and I then go back, I’m eating my lunch at the table, and spirit goes, get up, julie. You have to get up, and you have to go talk to the tables. I was like, okay, well, I go over, and I’m like, spirit, which table to go to first? So they lead me over to this table, and this woman is like, I am so glad that you came here, because spirit has been telling me to tell you that I have this friend who works in tv, and she’s so bored. She’s looking for her next project now. You would know, like, if I said it, you would know every single show she has worked on. And it’s, it’s the perfect person for this show. Oh, my God. Sometimes when this happens, though, people are like, it takes like, six months to get a meeting with them, and I am used to that. So totally fine. Totally great. I was feeling this just ease and peace of, okay. If she brings me together with this person, awesome. If not, totally fine, too. After the lunch, she texts me and this person, and she’s like, when do you want to meet? And I say, tomorrow. So I hop on the phone, and this woman who her sole job is creating and executive producing shows, spiritual shows, she goes, I think I need to hop on a plane to Chicago. So she ended up coming into the in person Angel Reiki school. And then, the team from California heard about it and they wanted to meet her. Everybody except for one person in California, came out to the in person angel Reiki school because they wanted to see what it was like. They wanted to feel the energy. Well, it was just so wild because the one person who was like, I’ve got a work commitment. I have to be in Mexico for this big event. I can’t go. He was down in Mexico, and he runs into the second person we were really intentional about and want to pull into this project.

Autumn: Down in Mexico?

Julie Jancius: Yes.

Autumn: Oh, my.

Julie Jancius: Well, actually, not the person. I’ll be clear about this. The person’s right hand person.

Autumn: Okay. Okay. This is amazing.

Julie Jancius: But you can’t, you know, like, oh.

Autumn: My God, like, what is divine alignment? There’s just so much magic behind all of this that the angels are pulling together for you, Julie, this is amazing.

Julie Jancius: It was incredible. And then even more incredible, too, was being in person with people. So, here I have these folks who I just have admired their work for so long, and I’ve got Elle at home who’s like a little aspiring actress, my kiddo. And so I, I have different lunches, and I allow, like, Ella come and sit in, and she’s asking questions. And Blake, at one point, my husband was like, would you please tell Elle that she needs to speak up and be louder? And the woman goes, no, I’m not going to do that. And here’s why. Elle, she goes, because some, and she was dropping names, but I’m not going to do that. Some people, when they walk into a room and they’re going to be on screen, they have their hands up in the hair. They’re like, hey, everybody, how’s it going? Hello, beautiful souls. You know, just, like, loud and take up space and really getting in there. And she goes, those are the type of people who, when they do that, get energy back from other people. Like, that’s how they’re connecting with other folks energies. She goes, but there’s a lot of actors and actresses who don’t do that. She goes, there’s a lot of people who step onto the film set and are just so kind and so loving, and the other type is too. She goes, but they’re just so humble, and they come on and they’re like, what do you need me to do? Show me where to be. Okay. And then they go over to their mark, and then they just come alive when the film starts rolling. And she goes, Elle, you’re one of those people. And she goes, I need you to hear that. Those people like to keep their energy inside because it fuels them, it restores them, and that’s how they feel full. And I thought that that was just so incredibly fascinating because I see it with everybody that I work with, that some of us are extroverts, some of us are introverts, some of us are extroverted introverts, and we just have to identify what that is.

Julie Jancius: but where I’m going with this is for the last. Since 2020, we’ve been doing everything online, and there are people who’ve been in the membership since 2020, and I’ve only seen their pictures as little tiles, you know, on the Zoom meetings, these big group Zoom meetings. And I rock right into the hotel and I lock eyes with this woman, and I know her from the last so many years of her being in the membership, I’m like, oh, my God. And to put this name with the face and just the, beautiful energy and, oh, my God. And the love and just to connect in person, I haven’t felt anything like that. And there was just a complete, pure energy to the entire thing, and it was just pure love. getting to really go deep, we had a vip dinner while we were there, and I have been at networking dinners before, where you go around and you’re at this long, rectangular table, right? But you’re not having side conversations. You’re having one major conversation, around different questions, and you’re digging in, and it’s fun and it’s sweet, and you’re laughing and crying. And so we decided to do that at the vip dinner. And, oh, my God. To hear people’s stories and the awakening that they’ve had and the spiritual experiences that they’ve had. And I think the question that we used was, what did you never think that you could do, but you did it, and it was just so powerful. So I’m going to have some of those ladies on here on Thursday’s angel, stories to tell their stories, because I think they’re going to knock people’s socks off. But I went in prepared the way that I had always done things with the angel Reiki school. And spirit goes all week before the angel Reiki school in person. Just listen to us while you’re there, because we’re gonna do some things differently. And that made me nervous. I had so much anxiety inside. What do you mean you’re gonna do things differently? We’ve got this all planned out. So, well, one of the participants, m close friends, was having suicidal thoughts and, a very bad illness that’s just kind of really hijacking their body right now. And so spirit goes, you have to talk to that person. Like, you have to do a session for them. You got to make time for it. Okay? Definitely. Aye aye, spirit. Let’s get this done. So I set up a time in between our breaks to do this session for this person. obviously, like, free of charge. Just help as much as you can, whenever you can. And I’m about to leave to go do this session over the phone for this person. And spirit goes, get all the healers into a circle in the room. Julie, take the phone into the center of the room. And this man’s voice, you know, when, it just gets so soft and it cracks, I mean, you could tell how much he was just feeling the healing that was being sent to him, and it was just so moving and so touching. And so then spirit had us put other participants of the angel Reiki school into the middle of the circle and to bring through healing and messages to different participants. And I just loved the way that this is the point that I want to make because it applies to the spiritual retreat that we’re doing in October, too. It’s hard because, spirit, a lot of people are like, well, what exactly do I get out of this spiritual retreat in October? Listen, I know what I’ve planned, and at the exact same time, here’s what I can tell you. I know, like, I know like, I know you’re m going to feel the most love you’ve ever felt in your entire life. You’re going to feel the most clarity and peace of mind about your own purpose, about your own existence and living in this life than you’ve ever felt before. And what I can tell you, I know, like, I know, like, I know is that spirit’s going to just bring in so many things that I can’t plan for because it takes you being there if you feel called to be there and your spirit team being there. That’s what I said to the. The women in the room. It’s not just us. Like, it’s not just us in this room. It is us and our spirit teams, meaning our angels, our guides, our, loved ones. And they’re running the show. So autumn and I are going to dive in here to the spiritual retreat, which we’re doing October 4, fifth and 6th. The early bird pricing goes away at the very last day of June. So what is that, June 30?

Autumn: Yeah.

Julie Jancius: June 30, 2024. Okay, so, there were a lot of people after I offered the early bird pricing for the last in person event that were like, julie, you know, I missed it. Can I still do it? It’s really, really hard to do because it puts a lot on the team. We take away the code at that time, so I want you to be there. Please pray on it. And if you want to be there, please register now so that you get your seat. I don’t know if this one will sell out or not. I just want you to be there. And if you feel called after listening to our episode today, please go register. It’s theangelmedium.com backslash retreat. Again, it’s theangelmedium.com backslash retreat, and that information is definitely in the show notes below. but autumn, I know that you’ve got some questions. I haven’t taken a look at those yet, but I’m excited to answer them.

Autumn: Yay. All right, let’s just dive right in. So the first question is, what inspired you to create the angel reset retreat, and how do you envision it transforming participants lives?

Julie Jancius: Well, spirit was bringing in this message, actually, in 2023. but I was writing the book, and my mom had moved into the house, and grandma had just passed, and they said it’s okay to wait a year, but we just need you to know that you’re going to be doing a lot more in person. Okay. And then they said, the hotel is really, really important. Like, where you stay is really important. Here in Chicagoland, there’s a lot of hotels where you’re just, like, looking out across the street at other buildings. And I went to more hotels than you can imagine to find the one that had the right cost for everybody, but was also just magnificent and glamorous inside. Had amazing food, but then also is serene. And this hotel is just so beautiful and serene. So I’m walking you through the process of how spirit brought this to me. And so when I sat down to channel, like, what is this spiritual retreat? The angels go, it’s going to give them a whole new them. And when I was talking to my team, they were like, what does that mean? And they were like, if you could imagine just resetting everything within your body, resetting your mind, zero stress. Let’s work through some of those fears so that we’re not diving into the negativity every day. We’re releasing what’s going on in the mind. We’re, as much as we can spiritually, we’re going into the vibration of the physical body. We’re changing the vibration. We’re showing people where spirit wants them to go in the future so that they, whether you are really clear, like, Julie, this is where I’m going, but I haven’t figured out some of the details. Or, ah, you’re like, Julie, I don’t know what my purpose is. I don’t know where I’m going in life. I don’t know why I’m here. The retreat is designed for everybody, no matter where you’re at, to come in and press the reset button with your angels, where they, through the healings, the activations, the teachings, the exercises that we’re going to do, you completely reset the vibration, the mind, and the confidence level. I want you to leave feeling so much confidence and, you know, this autumn, like, you’ve experienced this over the last couple of years, so you can talk about that like it’s a different life to live when you’re living it with your spirit team. And you go, I know, like, I know, like, I know why I’m here and challenges might come up, but I know my path of how spirit is taking me to get to that point. And I don’t care because it’s all going to happen in divine time. And so I want everybody who comes to the spiritual retreat to walk away with this beautiful spiritual roadmap that they can use over the next year, two years, five years, to really anchor into that drives them, fuels them forward.

Autumn: And Julie, being a part of your membership and just underneath you for the last four years, I think that that’s exactly what you’re really good at doing. Your teaching modalities, you transform the mindset to that higher perspective. So even when the punches are coming in, you know, how to handle them, you know how to reset yourself, to balance yourself, to ground yourself, in order to keep pushing forward and to still feel the love of the universe. And I also think that, you know, the love that you give out really opens up the heart to a whole new meaning, of life. So I think you’re spot on with that. I have personally experienced it and live by it every single day.

Julie Jancius: so I’m just writing a note down here because the spirit’s, like, talking so fast. autumn, Archangel Michael is here along with Serafina, and they’re like, have you ever autumn gotten to January in a year? And you’re like, I am so depleted from November and December that I don’t have the energy to manifest or, like, to create a vision board. And you have this pure intent. You’re like, I want to go create the vision board, but I don’t have the energy right now to create the vision board.

Autumn: Oh, yeah, definitely, definitely. Especially after the holidays and all of that.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, okay. And there are scientific studies on how much women do over that timeframe. More than mental not to break. Make that an issue. But I work with most women, and most women are depleted in January. What Archangel Michael and Serafina are channeling through right now is that it’s going to help bring in abundance. Because once, you get to the end of this spiritual retreat, you know what you’re manifesting. And when it goes like, spirit, spirit, again was like, just sit down with autumn today and have this conversation, and we’re going to walk you through. But this is the part that you’re going to have to start with and you’ll understand it by the end, Julie. Okay? Aye, aye, spirit. so what they said was, spirit has been talking all year to me about how intentional and specific you need to be once you know the exact way you want to go. So just like I was talking about, we wanted to work with these two specific people, and Spirit brought those two specific people in, and, my friend and I were talking at the conference, they’re like, why do you think all of this? I mean, it’s all just aligning so fast and so quickly for the show. How is that? And I said, spirit keeps saying it’s because we’re so intentional and specific, because we knew it took us a while to get to the vague general, this direction we want to go. And then once we start to get really specific, they brought those specific people to our doorsteps. And spirit goes, this is the exact same thing that this conference. This retreat, the spiritual retreat, October 4, fifth and 6th, and Oak Brook, Illinois, is going to do for you. If you’re asking spirit to bring these specific things to your doorstep, first we’re going to walk you through to get to that general vision. Then we’re going to walk you through to get to that specific vision. And that way, once you’re going through this in person with us in October, you’re going to get to January. We’re not creating vision boards at the retreat, but you’re going to get to January and know exactly what you’re doing and feel more energy than you ever have before in January. Archangel Michael says, the other thing that I think is just wild is when I was writing the very first book, spirit comes in and they go, you’re going to write an entire book on the Seraphim angels, the Twelve Angels. And I go, okay. And they just said, just put it on your list. Like, when it’s time, you’ll know. So February comes around and all of the seraphim come in and they go, it’s time. It’s time to just start thinking about us and what we want to say and writing down parts of our message. So all year, I’ve been channeling through the twelve different seraphim and how they work. They work with beauty in a way where they’re trying to help us understand our purpose, our intention, how to get specific. But also seeing that beauty isn’t just something physical, it’s an emotion that they want us to feel beauty, not just in beautiful things, but just see, once, I walk you through this process that they’ve specifically channeled, that I’m going to use at the spiritual retreat, you’ll see there is a specific process where you see the entirety of life as beautiful and you don’t see it. You feel it like an emotion. Like, you feel ease, or you feel stress, you feel bliss, you feel depression, right? These are feelings. Beauty of, life is a feeling, a state of being. And that is what the seraphim are calling you to register for. Because when you walk away from the retreat with that state of being, it’s like riding a bike. Like, I can’t take that away from you. You’re going to have that. Nor would I want to. You’re going to have that for forever.

Autumn: And this is probably a, once in a lifetime opportunity. There’s no one else with this recipe. In order to get the beauty of, of life in the way that they’ve channeled it through you.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, yeah. It was so wild because I was sitting down with my California people and our new tv people, for lunch and dinner, different days, and we’ve been just really using this time to get together to talk about the show, too. And what was wild is that each one of them was working with a different seraphim. Angela.

Autumn: Oh, my goodness.

Julie Jancius: And I realized I was sitting at dinner that night, and I was like, oh, my God. They are bringing together this show based on the seraphim, the divine feminine. Yes.

Autumn: Throughout my whole body.

Julie Jancius: It’s insane. but what I’m going to do is I’ve never talked about this information. I’ve never brought it through. So we’re going to bring it through, and I’m going to talk about all the different twelve seraphim angels, at the retreat. It was so funny, too. I found out one of the women, one of her best friends is Brenda Cooper, who does, who did all of the costumes for the nanny, including Fran Drescher’s back in the day. And I was like, oh, my God, she’s working with the seraphim, too. They work with beauty. And she’s like, we could have Brenda dress you for the show, Julie. It would be so awesome. I’m like, yes, please. And, ah.

Julie Jancius: And they go, Oh, what was that? No, my mom came through. Like, I felt my mom, my mom’s higher self come through. And she goes, please tell Brenda, even though my mom’s still here on earth, I felt her soul self come through. Please tell Brenda that she helped me get through my divorce. Like, I don’t think my mom could have gotten through her first divorce without that show, the nanny.

Autumn: I love that show. That was my go to show before I got. I went to school every single morning. I can relate to that. And that was like, you know, I was born in 1995, so that show, you know, I was younger, but I loved that show. It got me through every single one of my days. I, that is not a coincidence. That show definitely has a lot of love and humor to it.

Julie Jancius: We went back and we started watching some episodes with Elle because I was like, oh, you just. My brenda. Like, this is, this is her work. You got to see this. And, she was just so positive, too. I forgot that show really holds up today. Like, if you go back and watch.

Autumn: Reruns, I think I’m going to have to. I think my inner child is going to need that now.

Julie Jancius: Oh, that’s awesome.

Autumn: All, right. So I am going to go ahead and ask another question. what kind of support and community do participants receive after the retreat ends?

Julie Jancius: Yeah, so for our VIP folks, we have two meetings that we’re going to do before the retreat even starts because I like that, in order for you to just get to know other people, ah, coming into the retreat feeling like, okay, I connect with this person, I connect with this person. Maybe you even set up some dinner plans in advance. We’re already starting to work on the material a little bit more in depth. Even before you get to the retreat with those two bonus VIP meetings beforehand. Then with the VIP folks, they’ve got two breakfasts. Breakfasts with me the mornings before the retreat starts from eight to nine, and then our eight to 855, so I could run to the bathroom real quick. and then afterwards for the VIP’s, there’s also two bonus meetings so that they can continue. But I have really spent my life studying. Like, I started going to spiritual retreats when I was probably 1920 years old. And so I’ve just taken throughout the years, like, put it into my spiritual toolbox. I like this piece over here. I like this piece over here. I like this piece. I like this piece. I don’t take any of the stuff that I don’t like, just the stuff that makes me feel so warm and lovey and everything inside. And those are all incorporated into this spiritual retreat. So, you know, if you have a pet like a dog, and you just get close to the dog, I like to lay my heart. Even though my puppies are small, I either like to put them on my heart and feel that heart to heart connection, or I just like cradle them sometimes or I snuggle up. And when you’re snuggling with your dog, you just feel this unconditional love flowing from them to you and you to them. Like today, normally, Lulu, my lovey, will come from wherever she is in the house. And if I sit on a couch, she just knows that she can be right next to me. So she comes and she sits right there. but she’s got a hurt leg right now and she can’t jump. So I saw that she was sitting on couch and I was eating my breakfast. went to go sit on a different couch, but saw her and saw her eyes and just her heart pulled me over. I went and sat in the other couch so I could sit right next to her. there’s just this heart to heart connection that you can feel with other people and human beings where there’s no drama. It’s the opposite. You’re just sitting in unconditional love for days, and that’s what this retreat is. And there’s so many different exercises to walk people through feeling that bondedness, feeling that connection, feeling that love. And a lot of times people ask me, Julie, well, how do I prepare? Just please come with an open heart. Please come with an open heart. Ready to receive warmth, ready to tune into love, ready to be empowered. Ready to let spirit show you how worthy you are. Ready to walk away with lifelong connections, which I know just happened this past weekend at the in person angel Reiki school, which we’re definitely going to do again. Spirit said to tell everybody, oh, my God. Like, the success was just the people who needed to be there were there. And they all said, julie, I don’t know why just spirit called me to be here. And, some people were so sweet. They did, like, video testimonials at the end, and each one said, like, this was life changing. That’s what I want. It’s hard to describe that in words, but that’s what you walk away with.

Autumn: Yeah. Yeah. That vibrational frequency uplifting of just love and unconditional love. I love that. And I was going to ask you if you were going to do the in person angel Reiki school retreat in person again. So I’m glad that you are. So many people were asking that, this previous time, they just said this, the time didn’t add up for them, but maybe in the future, alignment will work for them. So that’s really exciting.

Julie Jancius: You know, I should tell people. The difference is, with the in person angel Reiki school, you’re developing and getting certified in mediumship, energy healing, and bringing through messages from angels all at once. And so it’s an intensive weekend of, learning how to fully activate and open to all your gifts and use them. You’re learning the skill. The in person spiritual retreat isn’t about that. It’s really about understanding and getting clarity on who you are, why you’re here, what your purpose is, where you’re headed, how your angels are specifically working with you in general, and just feeling more clarity, confidence, love, support from the other side than ever before, which helps you become the greatest manifesto and co creator in this life that you can be. And that’s where this year of abundance, that’s where abundance just starts to come in, in waves of health, wealth, happiness, joy, friendships. It all comes through this process we’re going to walk you through.

Autumn: Yay. All right, so one more question. This is for all the people that are like me that sign up, and then they’re like, oh, my gosh, what do I bring? What do I bring? And then you google it. So, what should participants prepare or bring with them to make the most out of their retreat experience?

Julie Jancius: Yeah, well, spirit is saying to tell you this first, and it’s 1044. it’s hard to do the in person angel Reiki school more than once a year because I have massage tables in my house, like, stacked up. I have a room full of massage tables, and we have to physically get them out of my basement over to the hotel, and set those up. So, I will always do the angel Reiki school in person in the Chicagoland area because it doesn’t work without the massage tables. Like, you have to learn a process of bringing through messages, and it only works with the massage tables. So as far as that goes, angel Reiki school always be in Chicagoland. But the spiritual retreat this year is in, Oak Brook, Illinois, at the exact same hotel. It’s called the Oak Brook, Oakbrook Hilton Hills Resort and conference center. And when it comes to this hotel, they have a pool, they have an indoor and an outdoor pool. So breathing your bathing suit. there is the Oak Brook shopping mall, which is some of the best, which is not why we’re there, but it also has some of the best food in Chicagoland. Oh, my gosh. We went to Beatrix restaurant yesterday. The best. Like, vegan food. The best. Just everything food over there. Love it. so you do not need a car. Like, if you’re flying in. This hotel pretty much sits in the middle of O’Hare and Midway. They’re very easy to get to with an uber. And definitely look at which airport you’re flying into, because, sometimes I’ve gone to the wrong airport, to go pick people up. So you definitely want to look at which airport you’re flying into. But O’Hare, midway are great. I would bring paper and comfortable clothes layers because sometimes that room is cold, and sometimes it’s warm. And, sometimes in hotels, it’s hard for them to get the temperature just perfect. But it’s, like, reasonable, right? So if you have layers, you’re totally good. And really just bringing an open heart, like, and allowing and expecting the magic and mystery of the angels, their messages, their signs, to just wow, like, leave you in awe, right?

Autumn: They always do. I am so excited for this weekend, or not this weekend, but that weekend also, all of the healers are getting together I believe on your team, like Cheryl, we. I haven’t met Cheryl in person. I’m really excited for that. who else? Carly, I’ve met.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, we’re going to have, I think Stacey is coming out. I think Sarah is coming. You, Carly, Cheryl will be there. And what we’re going to do is we’re not going to do it in a advance, but once people, or they can book with individual healers, you in advance. But we’ll also have signup sheets there if there’s any remaining slots, for sessions where after the retreat hours, during the retreat break hour, or after the retreat at night when we get done. there will be times when they can book with you, or anybody on the team and do sessions as well, which is going to be really fun because I know you’ll be doing those in person.

Autumn: Yes. Yes. That’ll be so much fun. I love that. I love in person, the. The feelings of being in person is just so overwhelming with, with love and grace and all the yummy feelings.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. So that’s an add on that anybody can book with any one of the healers on my team. Yay.

Autumn: Yeah.

Julie Jancius: But I won’t be doing in person sessions there just because it’s a lot. It takes a great toll on my voice to talk all weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Julie Jancius: and, but it’s not good vocal wise, for me to do those added sessions.

Autumn: And one last thing. I know when I was communicating with people about the in person angel Reiki school, they, kept asking about payment options, and now you have afterpay as a payment option. So if people are interested, they can also make payments, leading up to the actual event in person.

Julie Jancius: Yes, they actually can. and again, that early bird pricing expires June 30, 2024. Our angel members, we didn’t tell them about this perk when they registered at the beginning of the year. But if you’re an angel member, or sign up as an angel member, you get $200 extra off. you have to use a special, bonus code to receive that discount, and that is only good through, June 14. So, if you’re a member, definitely use that code to get an extra $200 off. But that early bird pricing, that is available to everybody, that expires June 30. And you’re right, there is a sentence underneath the tuition cost. it’s like in bold and black, and it says, interested in a payment plan? Click here to use after pay only. And that’s, again, on the website, the angelmedium.com backslash retreat, there’s also a vip option. And again, those people, who register for the vip, they’re getting two bonus events before the retreat even begins, two special vip breakfasts at the retreat, and two vip meetings after the retreat as well. And, I’m just so excited to get to connect with everybody there. I, think you’d hear the. If the people say, who registered for the vip? because I talked to them, I was like, tell me, you know, like, I want to do, like, a verbal survey. And so we went through, and they were like, above and beyond for the vip, like, above and beyond. So I try and make it so special, too. I add in a lot of other things, extra. Sometimes I don’t even tell people about, so that. That in person really always is able to, just give you so much added value.

Autumn: Yay, Julie. I’m so excited for this angel reset retreat. I cannot wait. I am counting down the months and it’s only June. Yay.

Julie Jancius: Me too. Friends, I put together so much different language about this to talk you through all of the little details. If you want those, go over to theangelmedium.com back slash retreat. Get signed up for the, in, in person spiritual retreat. You’re going to completely reset with your angels. You’re going to become a whole new you. That’s, ah, an expert manifester, receiving abundance, working with the seraphim angels. And again, October 4, fifth and 6th in oakbrook, Illinois. And don’t forget to, as soon as you sign up with, the code, you know, early bird code that expires on June 30. don’t forget to go over and sign up for your hotel room. We have a limited block of hotel rooms. so those go first come, first serve. And I know there’s a couple of weddings in the hotel that weekend, but, it is a large conference center and you can continue booking hotel rooms. Just reach, out to us@julietheangelmediam.com. julie@theangelmedium.com. that’s our email if you have any questions whatsoever or dm us on Instagram. Love you, friends.

Autumn: Bye. Thank you, julie, so much for having me here today.

Julie Jancius: Oh, I’m so excited. I’m so excited to see everybody in person. And, oh, my gosh, to have all of our team of healers there in person. Like, I can just feel the magic already.

Autumn: Oh, me too. I have not stopped smiling this entire episode. My jaw has been dropped. I mean, I am just. I’m so excited. I’m speechless. I know it’s going to be very transformative and just so much healing vibrations there.

Julie Jancius: I’m so excited. It’s going to be awesome. awesome. I can see us doing those circles and sending people energy and putting people in the middle of the circles. Oh. There’s so much that we’re going to do. I can’t wait. I love you, friends. I’ll see you here on the podcast. I’ll see you October 4, fifth and 6th at the angel reset spiritual retreat. You’re going to become a whole new you. Love.

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