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When Angels Guide You To Become An Intuitive Healer Yourself (An Angel Story)

Angel Story

Hello beautiful souls! Angels helped my next guest to see that she was an intuitive herself by showing her events before they happened. I hope you enjoy this beautiful conversation about waking up to your gifts and finally accepting that you, yourself, are an intuitive healer. I love how today Soodabeh follows every directive her angels give her and how it’s leading her to fulfill her dreams of channeling books and speaking on stage. If you’d like more information on the Angel Reiki School, or if you have an angel story to share, please visit theangelmedium.com for more information!

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Julie Jancius: Beautiful souls, listen in for messages from your Angels in this episode.

Soodabeh Mokry: But that was the beginning, of my journey to understand. And then my teacher said, suthube, your, Angels are saying that you are a healer. I’m, like what? I am here to ask for healing. How am I going to heal other people? She said, no, you are a spiritual healer. I said, so what do I know? How do I know? What am I supposed to be doing? She said, God will show you when you are ready.

Julie Jancius: Hello, beautiful souls. You’re listening to the Angels and Awakening podcast. I’m, your host and author, Julie Jancius. Did you know that you can listen to this show everywhere podcasts are found? It’s true. Now I have three free gifts just for you. First gift, I give away a new reading each week to a person who’s left a five star positive review of this show, then submitted it to me using the contact form@theangelmedium.com. backslash contact. I hope I’m calling your number next. Second gift. If you’d like a new daily angel message, join me on Insta angelpodcast. Third free gift. If you’d like to know the name of one of your guardian angels so that you can work with them even more closely, go to the homepage of my website, theangelmedium.com and submit your contact info at the very top. I’ll email you back personally with the name of one of your Angels. Okay, as we begin the show, I want you to feel the presence of your Angels surrounding you and just know that the loving, positive messages you resonate with today are messages for you from your Angels and loved ones on the other side. Hello, beautiful souls. Welcome back to the Angels and Awakening podcast. I’m your host and author, Julie Jancius and friends, today we have Suda Bae on the show. Suda Bae is in the angel Reiki school and she’s got the most beautiful angel stories and so I’m excited to have her here today.

Soodabeh Mokry: Thank you, Julie. I am so excited to connect with you and we can just, talk about Angels and how I started working with Angels. I realized, it happened about almost 34 years ago when, I was a nurse and I came home. my daughter, she was about two and a half year old and I had to hold her in my, arms to soothe her to sleep. She was a little bit like, you know, needed that Tlc after being, in the daycare for hours. So I came home and I was holding her and all of a sudden as she fell asleep. I felt that there was a moment that I closed my eyes, eyes. And all of a sudden I saw a dead body of a Man. The only thing that I knew from then was he had a receding hairline. At that time, I was, in Iran and waiting, to join my husband of ten years in America. He had to escape three, years prior, and I was waiting to join him. The only thing that I knew that he had a receding hair. So I thought, my initial, thought was that my husband is dead. And I don’t know what to do. I had no idea, because at that moment, my brother, who was about a year younger than I was, he, wanted to help me. And I had, two kids. My son was four years old. My daughter was two and a half years old. And I had been waiting for my husband to get us the passport and, you know, to bring us to America. And my brother said, why don’t I go and get my passport and get you and the kids, and I can take you to turkey, which was the only place or closest place that we had the american, embassy. And I had no idea that he was traveling because the day before I saw him, and I was asking him, like, when are you going to get your passport? When are we going to go to Turkey? Because his wife was pregnant seven months. And we needed to do that so he can come back for his wife’s, you know, delivering the baby. I didn’t know that vision was about my brothers


Soodabeh Mokry: dying. It was about 03:00 in the afternoon that I had that vision. He passed away in a car accident at 10:00 a.m. that day. And I had no idea, and I, didn’t know. I thought, okay, I’m not gonna think about it. That was a dream. I just started cooking dinner and all of that. And, that night, because I was living with my mom, with my kids, and telephone rang around, like, 1010 30 at night, and I was in bed in my room. All of a sudden, I heard that my mom was crying. And I opened the door and I’m like, what is going on? And she said, ah, it is your cousin looking for. Where is your, brother? And the moment that I heard that, I knew in my God that it was my brother, and my brother passed away in a car accident. We figured that out.

Julie Jancius: you know, when you say that, I feel like they’re, they only bring through loving, positive things, right? And, like, my dad pit passed on August 5. But I didn’t find out until September 5. And when I think back, there wasn’t just the hairbrush story of me hearing him. There were other things where he had me looking at my step sister’s pictures on Facebook. And I actually felt this nudge to reach out to her, but I didn’t know what she would say and so I didn’t. And I find that there are just so many times where not only does that person start coming through immediately from the other side where you just feel their presence, they’re in your own consciousness, talking to you through your intuition. But I find that the Soul self knows that the passing is going to happen months before, even years before. And so sometimes when we feel this calling on our heart or this pressure on our heart to reach out to somebody estranged or to make something right or to say the thing that we need to say, it’s because they, from the other side, know everything that’s going to happen. We just simply have to follow in order to feel that peace that they want us to feel at that time.

Soodabeh Mokry: Yes. And, at that moment when I realized that, because I had been waiting for my husband, the father of my two children, to tell me that, you know, it is time for me to come to America to join him. And I was, I didn’t understand the vision. I thought why God showed me something that I didn’t have any control over it because I was a nurse, I was taking care of other patients and ease their suffering, why I couldn’t do that. So I felt a lot of anger within me that and then, but that made my brother’s death, I believe in a spiritual sense, that he sacrificed his life for me to be here, to be the messenger of God and Angels and everything. But at the moment that, you know, something, happens like this and we have no control and we don’t understand. I didn’t know, but that was the key that my husband, felt sorry for me and decided to arrange for me m to go to turkey to stay with, his friend and come back here. And I came here and realized that he didn’t want me. So here I was.

Julie Jancius: Wow. Well, and you have to tell everybody a little bit more because I know this story, but they don’t know. And I totally know what you mean, too, about. And I think this is important for people to understand. When, you say like, your brother made a sacrifice, I say it like my dad knew. I believe that he could do more from the other side for all of us here. And I think his Soul self needed that omnipresence from the other side to be able to help all of the kids be on their path. But there’s also this energy of our loved ones on the other side, constantly working as a bridge, like they’re wanting to. I couldn’t be the messenger that I am without my dad. And you couldn’t be the messenger that you are without your brother. So if my dad wasn’t on the other side, I’d be one half of a hole that’s missing, right. With missing pieces. And I couldn’t be the whole messenger. Does that make sense?

Soodabeh Mokry: Absolutely. And that’s the whole thing that I am trying to say, because this is where,


Soodabeh Mokry: anything, every little step that I take, everything that I do, it is part of his journey. And that’s what I wanted to honor him with. Everything that I do, I always talk about, like, this is not just my journey, you know, because when we think that this is something I have to do, and we can easily quit and give up because it gets hard. But for knowing that, that because of his, you know, accident, I am here. I got here and realized that a few years after that, when I, decided to even end my life. And I survived. And I survived the war for eight years working as a nurse in Iran. I survived being tortured and beaten into a coma when I was 19 years. And when I was in Iran and all of that, I came here to do something to ease the suffering in the world, to be the messenger of hope and healing. And everything that I do, it is because, you know, I lost my father when I was in 13 years old, and he is my angel, my brother, my father, father’s father, who died. So I feel like. And I get goosebumps every time I think about it, because, you know, the world that I grew up in, that women are not that important. And even in America, we see that, you know, women don’t have as much power or we may think that way as men. I mean, there are three men that passed away and gave me the baton to be the lightworker. And that is where I have to just, speak and share their stories as well, because they got me here. And when I tried to make sense of everything, because here I was, I didn’t have any family, I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t have any money, and I couldn’t speak the language, and I failed at, everything. And I realized that what, what is the reason? What was the reason behind, you know, God saving my life over and over and over again? Because at that moment. Like, I try everything and he’s not letting me to check out, and what am I going to do with that? And because of that, I started to working with a teacher. And, I said, I just want to feel free. I just want to feel, this pain to stop. I am lost. I’m confused. I know there was a reason that I saw that vision of my brother, but I don’t understand why. So help me to understand. And that was that in one of the days that I was working with her and she said, close your eyes. And she took me into a guided meditation. And the day that I tried everything prior to that day, and I read a lot of books and I didn’t know how to hear the name of my angel. So she said, just imagine that you are in a room and there is only one blackboard, and you’re going to see ask your angel, what is her name to reveal herself to you. And all of a sudden, it closed my eyes. In that meditation, I saw a picture, and I get goosebumps every time, I saw that. A picture of a red rose and the word rose in English and the word rose in Persian, my language that I used to speak. And I realized that that is my guardian angel. Her name is Rose. And that’s how she revealed her herself, to me.

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Julie Jancius: retreat. Links are in the show notes and friend, I cannot wait to meet you and hug you in person.

Soodabeh Mokry: And then my teacher said, ask her, how long she has been with you. And she showed me, it felt like I was watching a movie. And, through that movie, she showed me an incident that I knew. The dress that I was wearing, a white dress with balloon blue and red on it, and that dress that my aunt made it for me. But I was feeling really lost and alone that day. I think I was like four and five years old. And Rose was trying to comfort me because, the way that I felt there was some kind of argument in the house and everything that shocked me and said, I don’t want to see anything, because I felt that, I didn’t. I couldn’t comprehend and fathom what was going on. But that was the beginning, of my journey to understand. And then my teacher said, suthubey, your, Angels are saying that you are a healer. I’m, like, what? I am here to ask for healing. How am I going to heal other people? She said, no, you are a spiritual healer. I said, so what do I know? How do I know? What am I supposed to be doing? She said, God will show you when you are ready so you can understand, it. So I was working as a nurse, night shift here in America by then. And then, I was working on a cardiology floor. every patient was hooked to a monitor, so we can monitor their blood pressure, their heart rate, and make sure that they are okay. And they were breathing. And. And I was being intentionally by Angels. Had to, take care of the patients, that they were, somehow in agony and they were in excruciating pain. Nothing was, helping them. And I would go in the room to do my initial assessment, check their blood pressure and everything. And all of a sudden, I would feel that the temperature of the room would cool down. And I could feel, even though that I couldn’t see with my eyes open, that I could feel the presence, the presence of Angels, that it was calming and it was peaceful, but it wasn’t scary to me. And then I would feel, that, intuitive guidance to put my hands on their chest and to say, you are okay. You are safe. And I would just, like, channel literally and say, your Angels are here. You are safe. I am here. I’m giving you energy healing. And I would do these prayers like, please, God, let me be the clear channel to receive your, healing light and whatever that you think this patient needs. And, one of my favorite stories is that I call him Andrew for the purpose of not saying the exact word. And I felt like, as I was doing that because he was inexpensive, excruciating pain, and his breathing was affected. And all of a sudden, I felt like his spirit was literally coming out of his body. And, he was trying to move his lips because he wanted to tell me something, but he couldn’t because he wasn’t coherent and conscious enough. And I just said, okay, andrew, I don’t know if this is what you are going to choose, but if you are ready to transition. Your Angels are here. They are going to help you to transition to the other side. If you’re not ready, I just want you to just calm down and be peaceful. And I realized that it felt like he was going to sleep. His, breathing calm down. He wasn’t in pain anymore. He wasn’t moaning or grimacing anymore. I still stayed with him for a while and before I left the room and then my coworker, like, what is going on? Because they could see the things, this kind of something was happening. Every time I go to a room, the patient, they became calm. And then I started because I had no idea what I was doing. Literally at that time, didn’t understand it. I said, well, I am trying to, practice the energy healing that I’m learning, and this is what I am doing. And helping our patient and


Soodabeh Mokry: those patients that they were ready to transition the next night that I would come, I will hear that they passed away in the morning of, in peace and with dignity. That’s how I started it.

Julie Jancius: That’s so beautiful. That’s so beautiful. I love how you talk to the Soul and just tell them, hey, if you’re ready to go, it’s great. If you’re not, that’s okay, too.

Soodabeh Mokry: Yes, yes. And that is, that is the way that, you know, when I was working with my teacher and you understand it, and that’s how you teach as well. It’s just we all, communicate with Angels or feel our Angels or see everybody is the different. So. And, that, that was my first journey of learning about how to use the God given, gift that we all have and then use it. And then I understood that the reason that God saved me literally every time, near death situation, for me to learn about working with Angels and help other people to know that they are not alone. We are not alone in this life. We have these guardian Angels that they are the moment that we are born, they are with us, and they transition us to the other side.

Julie Jancius: Amazing. Amazing.

Soodabeh Mokry: What I learned, about the angel Reiki school, it just, gave me that yearning, that desire that I had put for away for a few years because I experienced some, trauma and challenges the past few years. And, I wanted, when I decided to work with, you, Julie, it was because I wanted to get back to the rhythm and learn more and experience more and working with you and learning from the angel Reiki school, it was like, okay, I am gonna work with people. And I learned actually more than I had already knew. And that took me to a different, stage of my life and also getting me closer to m my life purpose, because as a result of it, it feels like the doors of opportunity have been opening up. I have been, working on being, on, many podcasts and sharing their stories and also I just had my first, on the stage, speaking event that just like a couple of days ago last week and all of that. There are always changes when we learn more and we, practice that because you say the way that you teach, it’s ah, you give us all the tools that we need, but we also have to take that first step, even though, you know, sometimes, ah, like, okay, I don’t know what is gonna come out of my mouth and, but I could feel like I was giving these messages, from the other side, working with the volunteers and working with my clients. Since I have been working with you, it’s just literally some of them are like, wow, I don’t know how I knew this, but when we trust ourselves and we get that, knowledge that you have been, you know, teaching us, then the doors open up and we can embrace it and move forward and help with the healing of the world as well. So I am grateful for you.

Julie Jancius: I’m so grateful for you too. Thank you. And I’m so celebrating you and your accomplishments and your, you’re speaking all around. It’s just amazing. It’s amazing. And I love how spirit walks us, step by step with visions and you saw yourself speaking on stage and you really brought it to you and magnetized it to you. And I’m just so excited to see where you take all of this. Suda Bay, I know one of the other things that you and I have talked a lot about over the last year, and I hope that we can share this with everybody else because I think it’s going to help people in their lives, because not everybody has the same spiritual education of we’ve been talking about when healers fall off from their own spiritual practice. And you and I have both had experiences where you meditate regularly for years and then life gets busy and you stop meditating for a while. I had that in 2023. And, as soon as you come back around


Julie Jancius: to it, you see this completely different shift. can you talk about your experience with this so that everybody can understand for their own lives?

Soodabeh Mokry: Yes. When I, started, a lot of things that is going on in the world, with the war that is going in the world and everything that happened in and Iran, with, the thing that I experienced, it felt like it took me to a really dark, dark place that I didn’t know what was my purpose. And after, you know, prior to that, I was really excited about, you know, my books and a speaking event. And all of a sudden, watching and listening to the negative broadcasts of what is going in the, in the world took me to a really negative place. And then all of a sudden, something else shook me and, that told me that I cannot stay small. I cannot just, go to this wake up and with meaningless thing and wake up. And I had to do something about it because when we just go, I, the way that Angels show me that there is not only one path we can detour, like a GPS. I remember my GPS one day, say, recalculating, recalculating. I was going and like, and then the message came to me that day. The Angels are like, oh, my God, I missed, my turn. And I heard the message from my Angels. they said, this is how you miss when we talk. You missed what you physically could hear that turn left, turn left, turn left. And you missed it. So when we decide to not to do anything about it and stay in that, negativity that we feel, the victims of our circumstances, then our Angels come and, because we have a gift of free will, they cannot, you know, just drag us. But somehow they put us in a place that we have to realize that I need to get back on my track so we can detour, but they are going to get us back on track. And that is, was the reason I decided that I need to work with you and that now my life is going to a better place I had dreamed of, but I could never thought it was possible. And this is where I am. Yeah.

Julie Jancius: Amazing. Well, and I’m going to use this opportunity to just say one thing, because a lot of people have this misconception that the angel Reiki school is all about Reiki, and it’s not. I wish I would have named it something else because it’s really where you get certified in mediumship, angel messages and energy healing all at once. so that you have the ability to do all of them, but we’re really, really focusing in on creating you as the messenger and bringing out those gifts within you. Because what I see from the Angels is that when you just do energy healing alone, you’re not working with the energies of the mind, which are actually the root and the origin of the vibrations that you’re feeling within the body. But when you bring through the messages they work with that origin within the m mind, and then it changes more in totality and wholeness, the frequencies within the entire body. So if anybody’s thinking about the angel Reiki school, go over to theangelmedium.com, and check out the get certified page, because we’d love to have you. The angel Reiki school. Sudabe, you have angel books that you’ve written, and, tell everybody where those, they can find those and where they can find you.

Soodabeh Mokry: Yes. Thank you so much. My first book that I wrote is called Angel Nightingale, because I’m a nurse, and Florence Nightingale is the pioneer of nursing, and Angels are, you know, my journey of healing with Angels. And also that book has a lot of great stories of my patients and how Angels helped me, and they transitioned or they became, you know, hope whole, and they moved on. And, the second book was, the book that I had a dream one night, four years after I published my first book, an angel came. Say, sudupe, you need to write your second book. And I’m like, really? And then said, what am I gonna write about? She said, write about love. And I am single. I’m like, I don’t know anything about love. She said, I’m not talking about the romantic love, baby. Talk about love. Talk about love. Write about love. And then I woke up and I decided that, to write my second book, emerging. You. Both books are


Soodabeh Mokry: on Amazon that they can find. And also my website is sudubemukri.com. everything is on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, whatever is my name so they can find me. And, both books, actually, because English is my second language, they both are channeled by Angels. So many of them. They are not even my words. The world of Angels, I love it.

Julie Jancius: And I love you, sonabe, and I love your work. And you are just such a radiant, glowing energy, and you just feel oneness when you’re around you. So thank you so much. It’s been wonderful to get to, to work with you in the angel Reiki school, and I’m so excited to be your peer and to continue to, be connected and watching.

Soodabeh Mokry: Thank you so much, Julie, for this opportunity.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, of course. Friends, if you have an angel story that you want to share, go on over to theangelmedium.com. we would love, love, love to have you on the show. You can go to the contact form and submit your angel story there. Love you, friends. Have a beautiful, blessed day. Friends, I need your help reaching as many people as possible. If you’d like to support this podcast and help us spread more hope to the world, please book a session with me, join my angel membership or take my angel Reiki school. What’s the difference? If you’d like to know what messages your Angels and loved ones have for you, you’ll want to book a session with me. The angel membership is all about your own personal spiritual healing. The membership takes you on a spiritual journey that teaches you how to create your own heaven on earth. And the Angel Reiki school is for those who want to get certified in mediumship, angel messages and energy healing all at once. These are three ways you can help us share a message of hope and love with more people than ever before. Register for one or all three@theangelmedium.com dot that’s theangelmedium.com dot. Now let’s pray together as we do. I want you to pray in a way where you feel as though everything you want for yourself and the world has already come true and you’re giving thanks. Why? Because this is the best way to manifest. So let’s begin. God Universe Source thank you. We’re so grateful that you’ve blessed this world with calm and peace for all. This calm and peace has spread like ripples soothing the hearts of every Soul. Thank you for opening our hearts to abundance, allowing each of us to live our most authentic life and helping us to create our own heaven on earth. We thank you for the love and deep heart to heart connection that surrounds us every day in our relationships. We thank you for the abundance of health and aliveness we feel radiating from every cell in our and our families bodies. Thank you for the gift of walking this life with us and guiding us every step of the way through your messages. We hear you through our own intuition and we feel you walking right by our sides and we overflow with gratitude. Thank you for financial abundance and abundance of opportunities and miracles, blessings and prosperity in every way. We know that you want us to succeed so that we can show others how you want them to succeed too. Thank you for the boundless love, kindness, Empathy and compassion that binds us all together. Thank you for the laughter, fun moments of pure delight that fill us every day, especially today. God Universe Source thank you for blessing us m beyond measure and allowing us to use our souls gifts, talents, skills and abilities to serve the world. We love you. I love you. And in this we pray. Amen. Friends, we’re working on some pretty major things over here and if you will, wouldn’t mind saying a little prayer that these things come to fruition. If they’re God’s will, we’d so appreciate it. And please add a little prayer in for any specific thing you need right now too. Have a beautiful, blessed day, and don’t forget to submit your contact info@theangelmedium.com. dot if you’d like me to channel the name of one of your Angels for you, sending you peace, bliss and many blessings.

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