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Presence: The Art Of Being At Home In Yourself With Tracy Cochran

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Hello beautiful souls! Tracy Cochran has been a student of meditation and spiritual practice for almost 50 years. She is also a long-time teacher, as well as a writer, the editorial director of Parabola Magazine, and the founder of the Hudson River Sangha, in New York. Cochran encourages us to see presence as a living force—and to recognize and explore how that shows up in our lives. She offers riveting and relatable stories from her life—a spiritually transformative wine-making trip in France, a near-death experience while being mugged, managing her feisty child while on a retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh, among many others—and Buddhist teachings to encourage us to see the power of presence to illuminate and transform our past, present, and future. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this episode over on Instagram @angelpodcast . . . and THANK YOU for listening!

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Julie Jancius: Beautiful souls, listen in for messages from your Angels in this episode.

Tracy Cochran: But nothing prepared me for this. There’s like a welling up, up, Up, Shooting at the top of my crown chakra and looking up, I was like out of my body, surrounded by light, directed by a feeling of the divine.

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Tracy Cochran: Oh, thank you. I’m so happy to be with you.

Julie Jancius: Thank you so much. So, I know that you have, a raspy voice. I’ve actually had issues with my voice in the past, and, I was wondering, how did you come about this voice and what has it taught you?

Tracy Cochran: Okay. I’m so glad you asked, because for me, first, the story in a nutshell, about, twelve years ago, ten years ago, my voice started breaking up, a little bit. And then more and more. Long story short, I developed this raspy voice, and it was diagnosed as a central tremor. The way some people have shaky hands or head that shakes, I have a shaky voice. And the reason, it’s interesting to talk about in a space like this is because everybody’s got something. And when this first developed, people are like, oh, Tracy, I’m so sorry. Because you’re teaching publicly. I’m a meditation teacher and I was doing podcasts. What a, misfortune. But I have discovered that when we let ourselves be with whatever our challenge is, whatever suffering or, interesting situation


Tracy Cochran: that appears, if we can learn to bring compassionate, loving awareness to that situation, it becomes a teacher and sometimes even a portal. And in the case of my voice, I’ve discovered that in order to have a good voice, in order to make sound, I have to be soft with myself and accepting. And I also have to let myself come back to the body to presence and not kind of panic and get caught in my throat, but to go deep into breath, into belly and also into trusting that, my listener has compassion, that they have something too, that, might make them feel frightened that they’re different or separate. So it’s become my teacher in presence and also in acceptance.

Julie Jancius: M I love that when I have my vocal issues that I don’t have all the time, but they flare up here and there. It’s very, very painful. And it’s very painful. Deep in my chest and even up in my throat. Is it painful for you?

Tracy Cochran: Sometimes I can feel strain. I don’t know if it’s the same for you. Almost always, the best direction to go is down, like into the body, to just let myself be grounded, to let my voice be soft. Not to force, but to let life happen.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, I love that word, grounded. when I learned, meditation technique, I really kind of had this experience where my energy just went up and through the crown chakra of my head, and I felt no longer in my m physical body. I felt like I was my auric field surrounding me. and I know that you can be in the body and feel oneness with all things, but I just felt myself meld into everything that is. And it was just such a beautiful experience. how do you get your client students to ground? Like, what’s your favorite grounding technique?

Tracy Cochran: Okay, well, first of all, I’ve had the experience you describe, and I describe it in my book, in the story the night I died, that, very life changing experience of experiencing light shoot up through my crown chakra and become part of oneness, of divinity, of this greater consciousness. So I know what you’re talking about. but what’s so touching to remember is that, we can begin to find it, by turning the attention, like right now, even just to the body. You know, eyes open, not, meditating, but making space for the presence of the body and the attention within the body and surrounding us. let’s make space for it so we’re not just our thinking attention, but something deeper. And it’s such a paradox. As we come back to the body, we feel the feet on the floor, we feel the breath. I feel connected to you in the present moment, even though we’re in different places. As I do this, as I make this movement of returning to body, to presence, I’m opening at the same time.

Tracy Cochran: To something greater.

Julie Jancius: And what’s the greatest form of, like, experiencing the body? Because you’ve worked in meditation for over 30 years, what’s the greatest experience of the body that we can have? Is it feeling like all of the cells are open and


Julie Jancius: activated and just alive? What does that feel like to you?

Tracy Cochran: Well, it feels like vibrancy, like you’ve described in your meditations. And I’ve enjoyed reading your book. and again, it doesn’t even require special conditions a long time, but, turn the attention to the body. We begin to get in touch with the fact that there is a vibration inside, deep inside, and also surrounding us. It creates at a very different frequency than our ordinary thinking.

Julie Jancius: I want to keep going with questions, but I just have this thought coming in. Would you mind walking us through a meditation towards the end of today?

Tracy Cochran: Sure, of course.

Julie Jancius: Oh, I’d love that. I love that. So I know that, let’s see here. You have a near death experience, and I think you’re just touching on it there. But you talk about presence can also mean divine presence. Can you go into that story and that lesson?

Tracy Cochran: Yes. Typically, when people hear about mindfulness and I’m a mindfulness meditation teacher. We think of being present as something like, I can feel the warmth of the cup or I can feel my feet on the floor. And that’s true, that’s being present. But I discovered, as all of us do, in different ways, it sounds like you did too. In an extraordinary circumstance that seemed. It was very dangerous. I was walking alone in New York City in a back street when I was young, in my twenties, an age where we often think we’re in invincible and nothing bad can ever happened. And I was actually held in a strip of hole and, I wasn’t harmed. I’ll skip ahead to tell you and your listeners. It turned out okay, but, in the grip of this terrifying circumstance, I experienced this light inside my body. And I had started. I meditated already, but nothing prepared me for this. This light welling up, shooting at the top of my crown chakra and looking up, I was like, out of my body, surrounded by light, directed by a feeling of the divine. And I had the sensation of being looked at, ah, with extraordinary kindness from above. It was like full of, I don’t know, Achilles. It was like this vastness of benevolent carrying forces behind the appearances of the world. There’s light, these luminous beings. And I had sensation of being looked at. And even the person who was mugging me, looking up, at his face and feeling compassion and his presence, this divine presence said, don’t worry, you all be harmed. I had the sensation of being seen through it, through, like, from the beginning of my life to the end, like, held in palm of some huge hand and seen. And the voice, the voice actually said it was like looking through me, like parking. All the things I thought I knew about myself, like clouds, like where I went to school, my job, all those things, nothing to. And it came to rest in my heart. And it was like a feeling more than words, like, come to your heart and don’t worry. Just relax. Just relax. Just be soft. This will pass. and it did. I got. And I found out later, when you are in a stranglehold, that’s what you’re supposed to do, just relax. And the person ran off.

Julie Jancius: Wow.

Tracy Cochran: And I was left with this experience that should have been


Tracy Cochran: traumatic, and was certainly very, very frightening for other people to read about this. What I kept seeing and still see is that light of presence.

Julie Jancius: Ready for a little getaway that completely resets your energy. We’re hosting a live in person spiritual retreat called a whole new you. It’s the weekend of October 4 in Oakbrook, Illinois. This spiritual retreat is all about your own personal healing and, growth, reconnecting with yourself, learning to connect with your Angels. And I’m going to talk about all new Angels that I’ve never talked about anywhere before. And you’re going to leave with more personal peace, purpose, clarity, and confidence than ever before. Learn more and see the itinerary@theangelmedium.com. retreat that’s theangelmedium.com retreat. Links are in the show notes and friend, I cannot wait to meet you and hug you in person. That’s so beautiful. So it’s interesting as you’re talking about this, something that’s just kind of arising within me is a question that I’ve been asking spirit lately. And I find that sometimes spirit will channel the answer directly to me, and sometimes spirit channels the answer to me through another person, a guest on the show, a book, because we don’t know what we don’t know. And sometimes it takes somebody phrasing it, in a different way for us to truly understand. But what I’ve been talking to spear about is this. I, all my life have just kind of, I don’t want to say this because my parents were so wonderful and we lived this like middle class existence and they had their flaws and it shaped me. but I, I kind of looked around me and said, you know, the people around me do not have life figured out. So I want to figure out life out for myself. I don’t want to say that I felt alone, but I felt like I had to depend on myself. And so I started doing that very early. There are other things that happen with my parents where I just m more specifically my dad. Cause my mom listens to the podcast and sometimes she’ll be like, that wasn’t the way that things were. but, so I don’t want to make my parents out to be bad guys. Bottom line is, I got to a point where I just had this self determination, the strong will, and this desire to figure out life, to figure out how to do life right, to make sure that I was never in the position that I was as a kid and that maybe my kid would feel more stability. And so I started working really young. And by young, I mean I think by age, you know, 6th grade, I had a permanent babysitting job every day after school. And I’ve just been going, going, going ever since. And I’m very intuitive and I have a spiritual practice and I tune in daily where I don’t feel like, I feel like I always want to be in that oneness, right? Like always with that intuition radio station connected from my head to spirit so that I’m always able to listen and hear. But at the same time, spirit has been coming in saying there’s a different way to do life where you don’t have to have that strong of a, will, you don’t have to. And as I’m saying it, they’re like, that’s not what we’re trying to say. It’s not the will, it’s the pressure that comes along with the will. The will is okay, they say, in and of itself, but as I’m talking this out right here, right now, they’re like, it’s the pressure that you attach to the will, right? And as soon as you drop the pressure. But it’s almost like driving a car. That’s the only way I can, can describe it right now in my life is, You know, let’s say I had the, the gas on full blast my entire life. And now you’re kind of starting to coast more. Because I do have safety, I do have security in my family life, and I feel very blessed to have that. But I almost feel


Julie Jancius: an anxiety not having that pressure when I take the pressure off. And so it feels like a, gas break. Gas break in the car. I’m like just learning how to drive and it’s like, stop, go, stop, go, stop, go. And I can’t get the vibration set right in my body, if that makes any sense.

Tracy Cochran: Yeah, I think it’s really rich, rich question and just sharing from my experience, there is a realization at some point. And you know, I’ve been like a meditator, student of spiritual practice for a long time that it wasn’t for me about will, but, willingness. M willingness. And so what I was looking for. And again, it kind of, it’s like the voice of, Can it make a really gentle movement of availability? And in terms of like spiritual practice or spirit, it’s like shifting from trying to be in oneness to letting myself see is compassion and interest. When I’m separate.

Tracy Cochran: Like I can see, I feel more choked. My voice, you know, I feel, can I see the contraction or the distraction? So another thing I discovered as an older person is I think we are all the ages we ever were. And at once, at once in the sense they’re in there. So you can be a person of grade in intuition and achievement and you’ve had these extraordinary experiences. And there’s still a little girl, who is searching, anxious, who needs your compassionate attention.

Julie Jancius: Yeah.

Tracy Cochran: And it’s so powerful to realize, like, you say you can’t change the paths, but I think you can in the sense that you can look back at yourself with great compassionate awareness. So when that little bubble of anxiety comes up that need to be doing more, the movement might be, can it be with this, with great kindness and great compassion? Like, it’s okay now. Yeah, it’s okay now.

Julie Jancius: Yeah.

Tracy Cochran: It’s very deep practice.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. I love that. And just telling yourself over and over again, like, you’re okay, you’re safe, you’re safe.

Tracy Cochran: It’s okay. Yeah.

Julie Jancius: Safe to go slower.

Tracy Cochran: Yeah. To just be here and just see what’s here. We don’t have to graze.

Julie Jancius: Yeah.

Tracy Cochran: And it can reach into the deep past. I have a student who’s irish and, she’s not in Scotland, but in Ireland, who bought something called fat Man chair. And it was a chair that really poor irish people would have. Little huts and only one chair. And the old person would sit in the chair, or the pregnant woman, would sit in the chair. And so she bought this object and had it refurbished. And she seems very successful. And, she would practice sometimes, meditating in this chair, sending compassion backwards to people in Ireland who were starving in great famine and saying, we have enough now. we have enough. We believe,

Julie Jancius: That’s so beautiful. I think that as I’ve gone through this experience of life, there’s so much that just intertwines when it comes to prayer and visualization and meditation and hypnotherapy and healing. And, as you were talking, I got this vision which the Angels have been bringing in to do like a monthly prayer just with the community here and just to invite them on Zoom, because I think it’s so needed. And you’re right. I


Julie Jancius: love your statement. I think I created an entire course around it. you can change the past.

Tracy Cochran: You can. Yeah.

Julie Jancius: Yeah.

Tracy Cochran: Because little girl, wanted that, kind attention. Wanted. Someone’s saying, it’s okay.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. Have you felt that way? Oh, sorry, sorry. have you felt that way in your past? I’ve gone through some bigger things in life. And every time I’ve felt that presence. You feel the presence of your Angels. But I can easily distinguish there’s something else there. Not just Angels, loved ones, but my higher self, my future self. I’ve felt that since I was little. Have you felt that? Along the way. Yeah.

Tracy Cochran: And I had a similar sense when I was young of being somehow different than the people around me and my family. Yeah, you’re seeking something.

Julie Jancius: I never thought it was in a good way, though. I always thought I was the, you know, the black sheep.

Tracy Cochran: I think it’s part of it. There’s something extraordinary about being a black sheep. Also about teachers and guides or black sheep. Yeah, all of them.

Julie Jancius: I know you have a story of Angels. Do you believe in Angels? And I’d love to hear this story, that you have to share the story.

Tracy Cochran: Elizabeth, in my book, again, I hope you read. I mean, you’ve read my book. I hope your listeners read. at the time I didn’t understand it and I think that’s part of the path too. Long story short, I was in a very spooky old house. My parents bought this old victorian house. It was like creaky. And people, everybody who stayed there had experienced it as like hearing sounds in the attic. And my parents smelled like a lot cologne. And they’ll never. Where did that come from? And me being like, you wouldn’t again, I was in my twenties and I was just about to move to New York City and I was very unsure about what path to follow. And moving to New York seemed like that, that’s the place. It was like drawing close to a bonfire. I’ll go to this big roaring fire and become a writer or whatever people do in New York. They’re writers, they work with books, but totally clueless and anxious. And in certain ways, I wasn’t following my heart, my own path. I was following ideas about what it would look like to be sophisticated or cool, something outside of me from the culture. So I was very torn. Where should I go? What should I do? Where can I find. Follow this light? So I’m, In the middle of the night, I woke up and standing in the doorway, I can still. I could draw a picture, it’s so vivid. Standing in the doorway was this figure all ah, in light, in white, a white dress, kind of lacy, kind of victorian looking. And long, curly hair. Would have been like strawberry blonde, I think, and beautiful face. But I was terrified, terrified. I thought it was a ghost because the whole house seemed haunted and sinister. So I’m absolutely paralyzed with fear and gasping for breath. And she said, I just want you to know that, my name is Elizabeth and I don’t live here. But, I’m close by and I’ve come to tell you something. And she gave me. This is gonna this was surprising. She said, if you don’t want your body, there are others who do.

Julie Jancius: Wow.

Tracy Cochran: And I was like completely terrified. Like, yes, I want it. It was like completely


Tracy Cochran: affirming. Like, I do want, my life, my body, I wanted. So it terrified me for years.

Julie Jancius: Wow.

Tracy Cochran: And, here is the kicker. I slowly began to think there is no ghost because she was so radiant.

Julie Jancius: Yeah.

Tracy Cochran: And even that was terrifying, terrifying thing here. It was also something so real, it’s like inhabitants, your life, just be a puppet to some other and whether the culture or something beyond. So I have to add this kicker. When I finally became a writer, I was writing a story for New York magazine, and I was sent to experience a medium. And I don’t remember who it was, but it was decades ago, and the emperor was out in Manhattan, and they had big following. And the attitude was, is this medium real or not? Is it just a story? So I listening, and all these people were gathering, too. They meditated and they were asking questions. I was like, pretending to be like a cynical reporter, very New Yorky and always a small town girl who wants to be sophisticated. So he came out of this deep state he was in, and he said to me, I have a question for you. Who is Elizabeth m? Because all around you, I hear that name, feel this presence.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. Your guardian angel.

Tracy Cochran: Guardian angel.

Julie Jancius: Amazing. And that is so powerful to hear that. and they say it in different ways, too, that there are so many souls on the other side that are lined up that want a lifetime here, and that it is such a blessing for us to be here, in these bodies at this time. So have you always carried that with you every moment since then, and it.

Tracy Cochran: Was pretty hard to forget. Yeah, I haven’t seen, I haven’t had a visitation like that again ever. but, like you there, sometimes there’s a feeling of presence.

Julie Jancius: That’s amazing. That’s amazing. So I’m wondering just, this last question, and then I hope that you can walk us through a little meditation. You’ve been around spirituality, spiritual practice for so long, and I know that I see clients who will come to me and they’ll say, Julie, I stopped my spiritual practice, and I just noticed a complete difference in my life. and as soon as I go back to it, I just feel different. I feel more ease, I feel better. in so many ways. How do you feel or what would you impart to people who are listening? Is the best way to do life with spirituality, that, that spiritual peace. What’s the best way to use it.

Tracy Cochran: very similar to your approach. Keep it simple, make your own, keep it real. And it’s true. I know a lot about buddhism, a lot about spiritual practice. But, what really, really helps is love and honor all those beautiful traditions and everything they bring. But to really give ourselves permission to really see that this attention we seek, this presence we seek, this, what as we seek, is already here. It’s inside us and it’s right where we are. Whether we’re in Illinois or in New York or traffic jam, it’s here. It’s not something we have to seek outside of ourselves.

Julie Jancius: I lied. One more question. So the people


Julie Jancius: who are your hardest clients, right, that come and say, I’m trying this, I’m trying this, I’m trying this, and I just don’t feel presence. I just can’t connect. What have you found that best suits those folks?

Tracy Cochran: I encourage them, to not try. To, not try to let go of trying and to just be with themselves with an attitude of kindness and a little bit of willingness that, things could shift. But, with people who are really people convince themselves that they can’t open. So the most powerful thing that helps is to let them be closed with great kindness, if that makes sense. And they began to trust this kind attitude, that attention can be very gentle.

Tracy Cochran: So even if your heart feels closed and your head feels crazy, full of thought, and your life seems too hard and complicated for this, that they begin to notice that just for a moment, a, breath, they can be with themselves with kind acceptance.

Julie Jancius: M. Oh, I got the tingles all over. I’m like, you’re just being in your presence and your vibration just brings you into oneness. Thank you so much. Tracy. Can you bring us through, meditation? Maybe your favorite, favorite one?

Tracy Cochran: Okay, well, I’ll just do being with you meditation right now. So take. My first instruction is make yourself comfortable. Like, let the back be straight as you can make it. But let yourself be just like this. Just like this. Like I was talking about, my voice. Where else? Be, let it be. Let yourself be. Let your eyes close, feel comfortable. And notice, just notice that, there is a knowing attention that’s already here inside. Something inside knows you’re sitting here. Notice that this attention softens.

Tracy Cochran: Let’S let it soften. So, maybe there’s tension that’s present, some pain sometimes for people. Just, let the attention rest on, that place and notice how it feels to come home to the body, to feel the feet on the floor, the rhythm of the breath. Notice how it feels to just let yourself be just like this. Trusting stillness. Not perfect silence inside your head, but just not moving, being quiet. And note how this, how vibrant this attention is. There’s life inside. It’s knowing attention. It’s vibrant, it vibrates. But also notice that it’s very gentle,


Tracy Cochran: accepting, loving.

Tracy Cochran: accepting opens you. Opens you to who? A vibrancy surrounding you. And begin, to remember the ancient word for mindfulness means remember the present. Remember you are more than thinking, than stories. And attention that sees with kindness, with compassion, with love. Notice that there’s a presence here that’s very alive. It’s very alive and it’s insect you. But also outside, connecting us.

Julie Jancius: M.

Tracy Cochran: Presents is vast like the sky.

Julie Jancius: M.

Tracy Cochran: And also very gentle, patient and kind. See how it feels. Seeing how everybody, every part of you be accepted and seen. No good part, bad part, everything lovable, acceptable, understandable. Just rest in loving, awareness.


Tracy Cochran: You are not just your stories, pain. You are also loving awareness, presence.

Tracy Cochran: The vibrancy of quiet attention, of presence. Just be still. Just be still and beheld. By loving awareness.

Julie Jancius: By presence.

Tracy Cochran: You’Re acceptable, lovable. Just like this.

Tracy Cochran: Don’T flee. Just rest and be seen. By loving awareness.

Julie Jancius: It.

Tracy Cochran: Come out of meditation that you can keep a little bit of presence.

Julie Jancius: I love that. Tracy, that was beautiful. Tracy Cochran, your book is presence, the art of being at home in yourself. Your book is amazing. I love your energy. As soon as we got to connect, I could just feel that, that oneness, energy. I hope everybody’s able to read this. where can they find it? We’ll put that link in the show notes. And where can they find you?

Tracy Cochran: Okay, well, tracycochran.org or preble.org.


Tracy Cochran: the book is widely available on Amazon and all over the place. So please, please give it a read.

Julie Jancius: Wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us and your knowledge, your wisdom.

Tracy Cochran: yeah, thank you. It was a good way.

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