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When Your Angels Ask You To Step Into Your Power – with Nikki Nash

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Hello beautiful souls! The Angels came through in my meditation recently to say this, “Julie, this is the year of abundance and yet people are having a hard time working through their own self-limiting beliefs in order to allow that abundance to come through . . . Please show them the way.” So I’m working on a full series about this, but it’s not ready yet. Today we have an episode for you with Nikki Nash who always blows me away with her brilliance and how she puts things into words. With today’s episode, just know that your Angels are asking you to step into your power. If you’re here listening today, this is the Angels’ message to/for you!

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Julie Jancius: Here’s a preview from today’s episode for.

Nikki Nash: Three minutes or 60 seconds or whatever you can tolerate. I am just going to brag. Nobody ever has to see this. I’m just going to be bragalicious for a hot minute. And in the grand scheme of my life, it’s okay to brag that much, right? Like, just give yourself permission before you do it and then brag on yourself, right? Because that’ll start helping you connect the dots in terms of things that you’ve achieved, things that you’re really great at, like things that you have as a gift.

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Nikki Nash: Oh, my goodness. Julie, thank you so much for having me.

Julie Jancius: Oh, of course. Thank you for being here. So I want to start here. Everybody has this genius within. Everybody has gifts, talents, abilities, and to share with the world. Why are some people stepping in and sharing them? And why? What’s keeping some people back?

Nikki Nash: Yeah, I mean, I think the biggest thing that is keeping people back is an internal dialogue, right? So, so often people have. I mean, it’s natural. We all have thoughts. but the thoughts may be, who cares about anything I share? Like, I haven’t done anything really extraordinary. Why would anybody want to listen to me? Like, I don’t know if I can actually do this or make money doing this. Like, all of these thoughts essentially keep people really, like, our whole body is designed to do, which is keep us comfortable and safe, right? Like, if you think about it, our, mind keeps us comfortable and safe and out of harm’s way. Our, like, muscles are designed to, like, to stay in habit, like, to just keep helping you move the way you’ve always moved. And, you know, like, even our weight, it’s like, if you. For anybody who has tried to lose weight, and they’re like, why is it so much easier to gain it back than it is to lose it? It’s because our body likes a state of, like, equilibrium, right? Like, so it’s always going to go, all right, well, let’s get you back to what we know, where we’re comfortable, where you’ve been for the last two, three, four years. And so, so many people stay in a space that’s comfortable because putting yourself out there, sharing your genius, sharing your gifts, it’s scary, it’s new, it’s foreign. So that’s why what holds most people back. And I think the ones that do it just had enough beliefs to take the first step. Right? Like, you don’t need enough belief to do the whole thing. You just need to take the first step.

Julie Jancius: Oh, my goodness. So this is so funny. I just interviewed, Stephanie Harrison from the new happy co before, and this came up over here, but it’s coming up again. So my day went, rehearsed Ted talk in front of committee, Stephanie’s interview. And now, your interview and the title of the TED talk that I’m doing is your next first step, because you only need to take your next first step. And spirit had him say it to her, too, because all day long, I’ve been like, spirit, am I on the right track?

Nikki Nash: Am I on the right track?

Julie Jancius: So they keep bringing in this title over and over again. And I love it because it’s so true. When you really look at it, all any of us really have is the next first step. That’s it.

Nikki Nash: Yeah. that’s all you can do is like, what’s my next first step? What’s my next baby step? What’s the next thing I’m going to do? That’s going to move me a little bit closer to where I’m trying to go.

Julie Jancius: And this is from a person, you, nikki, who you work with, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, people who are doing great things within the world constantly. And maybe you can explain this to the listeners. Nobody has the owner’s manual.

Nikki Nash: I like to say this because my story, I left corporate to work at, tech startups, but the reason I did that is because I wanted to go out on my own. And I literally said to myself, I had this thought that, oh, I’m going to learn what to do from, like, people who have already, like, at a, startup where they’ve already, like, figured this stuff out. And then I got there and I’m like, cool, cool, cool. Nobody knows what they’re doing. Like, literally nobody knows what they’re doing. They’re just making stuff up as they go along and asking other people what they did. But even those people are like, I kind of just figured this out and it worked for me. It may or may not work for you. You just kind of have to figure it out. And it, after about, I think it was like a year and a half or almost two years, I was like, why am I still here working at a company where we don’t know what we’re doing? We’re just taking steps, moving us further along when I could be doing that in my own business. So that’s how I ended up leaving to get to do my own thing. But nobody has a manual. Nobody has a blueprint. Like, I have principles. I may use the word blueprint. Like, I’m going to give you a blueprint. My blueprint is really principles. And, like, you have to fill in the gaps, right? You have to fill in what makes sense for you. And so there is no, you know, here’s the 100% guaranteed pathway to success. If I were going to give people a 100% guaranteed pathway to success, it would be, don’t stop. And eventually you will have, you will fall on your face. Enough. Ride a bike.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, I have, I have a quote by big babe Ruth hanging, up in my bedroom so that I see it every morning first thing. And it just says something to the effect of, it’s hard to stop a person who doesn’t give up. And that’s it. You just keep going.

Nikki Nash: Literally, it’s like just going. Just keep swimming.

Julie Jancius: And spirit is saying right now to just pause and reflect on this because you said something that made me think that’s been a huge frustration my entire life. I think I started looking at teachers and being like, what’s the right answer? Like, just give me, give me the manual, give me the right answer. And then it transitioned into looking at my boss at, first jobs and just being like, okay, well, what’s the right way to do this, like, what’s the right way to do life? And there’s always this frustration. And then I think even coming into this podcast and interviewing different spiritual experts, like, well, what’s the right way? Like, what is? And there is none. There’s just what works for you when it works for you and the moment that it works for you, the right time.

Nikki Nash: The only way to know if a decision was a good or a bad one is when you’re looking at the rear view mirror. And even then, it’s probably like on your deathbed, looking at the rear view mirror. Because even if you, in the short term, you may have been like, that wasn’t a good idea, but it might have been the best thing for you in the long term. So it’s like you don’t know what the best thing to do. You don’t see the big picture of everything. You just kind of have to make a decision that feels right or that makes sense or that works for you moment by moment, day by day. And ideally, trying not to drastically change your mind every 5 seconds either. It’s like, I’m going on this path. I’ve made the decision. I’m going to commit to this decision, but I may have days where it feels really good, and I may have days where it feels really bad, but I’ve committed and I’m going to keep moving forward.

Julie Jancius: And the angels just said, and there the two of you have just described what faith truly is.

Nikki Nash: Yes. Yeah. Like, if people want to know why, I think a lot of entrepreneurs don’t make it, it’s because there’s the statistics on certain things, but at the end of the day, I think a lot of people don’t have enough faith in anything. You know what I mean? Like, I try to explain people who want the perfect marketing strategy for m me, they’re like, Nikki, just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. And I’m like, cool. Unless you walk up to someone, threaten their life, make them wire money into your bank account, and then run to a foreign country that doesn’t have, like, extradition, I can’t really guarantee that you’re going to make any money or that you’re going to sign any clients. Like, I literally, which is called robbery. Yeah, like, literally, unless you commit a crime, which I am not advising you to do, I can’t guarantee success. What I can do, right, is have you show up and take actions that put you in front of people who are like, oh, my goodness, I need your help, or want to work with you or want that I can help you get in front of those people and clearly articulate what it is you do and the benefit it brings to the world and why people should work with you. But ultimately, you got to trust God or the universe or spirit, like, whatever it is you believe, to connect the dots. Yeah, yeah, I got it down the other day. I said the other day, it was probably months ago. It’s probably years ago. It’s all an illusion to me, m anyway. But I remember it was in reference to dating, but I keep using it with my clients because I believe dating is in business or pretty much the same thing. And the message I got was, m, your future husband is looking for you. Make yourself available for him to find you. Like, essentially get your butt out of your apartment because can do a lot of things. But having my dream future husband accidentally, somehow magically end up in my building, go up to the top floor and somehow find my apartment, knock on the door isn’t, isn’t as easy as me, like, leaving the four walls of the building or whatever. Right? So it’s like, put yourself out there and the person will find you. Like, my job is to be available or to be visible and available. And God’s job is to, like, get us at the same place at the same time, right?

Julie Jancius: Yes. To connect the chats, to put all the puzzle pieces together. So what you’re talking about is how we really step into our power is exactly what you’re saying. And I totally say where you’re going with this, people, every, every soul on earth has gifts, talents, abilities to share with this world. And I think that not in the spiritual community, but maybe just who I am and the way that I’ve talked. Previously on the podcast. And we have a lot of people here where I feel like I’m a bridge where you don’t have to go way, way, woo woo. But we’re spiritual, and there’s a lot of people who came from this religious, deeply religious backgrounds in all different types of religions. And there seems to be this just ingrainment within our minds of, well, Nikki, like, if I put myself out there and make myself available to share my gifts with the world, like, is it about the, you know, it’s not about the money. We know behind the scenes, it’s not about the money. It’s about sharing your gifts. But people have a hard time accepting payment for their gifts when the fact of the matter is it costs a lot to run a business.

Nikki Nash: Yeah. So it costs a lot to run a business. And if we want to get, like, really, like, deep into the whole concept of money in the first place, we as human beings made that crap up. So, like, if you really want to, like, in my mind, anything that has been made up on this planet, I decide that I can make up what it means to me, right? So I’m like, just make up what money means to you. Money to me is opportunities to impact more people. Money, to me is opportunities to serve at a higher level. Opportunity. Money is opportunity to give at a higher level. So, like, I’m like, give me as much money as you freaking can, because I’m going to do amazing things with it. Right? And so if you can start thinking about what is really going on inside of your brain and what you’re really thinking, and you can start, like, unraveling, kind of the thought process, you can come to a place where you have your own definition of money and wealth and all that other stuff. Because at the end of the day, like, anytime I hear someone who’s like, well, I shouldn’t get paid for my gifts and talents, I’m like, okay, well, I had a job. I worked at nine to five. They were paying me for my gifts and talents. So should you just not make money at all? Like, what’s the difference? It’s like, like, literally, oh, oh. But they’re a big company and they can afford it. Okay? Guess what? That company’s made of a bunch of different people. Like, it’s not. It’s just people. Money can come to you in any way possible. And so I’m just like, you know what? I’m going to give my gifts to the world. I am going to show, up in a way that will resonate with who it’s supposed to resonate with. I am going to ask for money, and I’m going to know that I’m going to do great things with that money.

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Nikki Nash: 100%. Like, I believe fundamentally that I’m a good person. Am I perfect? No, not at all. But do I think I have good intentions and that I want to do good, great things in the world and that I would commit to that? Yes. So if it was like, hm. If God or spirit, like, whatever language or words that folks like to use, if that entity I’m going to say or energy is like, hey, Nikki, I want to give you, a million dollars. Like, here’s a million dollars. And I’m like, you know what? No, thank you. Because I don’t really feel like I should be given money for just my gifts. The gifts that you gave me. Like, the gifts that you gave me, I don’t want to be paid for it. Please put that money somewhere else. Right. what? Like, that makes no sense. I’m literally being divinely asked to, like, do great things with money, and then I’m basically, like, saying, sorry, I’m gonna. I’m gonna reject your wishes as you’re looking at the big master picture plan, and who knows what’s gonna happen to the money after that, right? So if I think about, like, would do, would I rather it go to me and for me to do great things versus someone who’s not gonna do great things 100% now, are there? Could I also make the argument that there might be people, even better people on the planet than I, that could have and use that money? Yes. But if it comes to me, do I think I could make sure that it gets to them as well? Yeah. Right? So it’s like, I am just a vehicle for the money to flow through. Like, I’m not going to hoard it. I’m not going to, like, keep it in under, the mattress. I’m not going to keep it piled up in the bank account forever. I’m going to do something good with it. And as long as I know that deep down, then I’m like, yeah, bring it on. Bring as much as you want. I’m going to make sure, if my only job is to make sure that the money that shows up to me gets into great hands, then that’s how I’m going to look at money.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, 100%. So while we’re on this subject, just tuning into abundance in general, all of us have mindsets that go up and go down and just all around. When you’re having like, a negative moment or a negative day or just a down day, do you have any abundance hacks that you use yourself to kind of change that around?

Nikki Nash: My hacks are kind of funny, so I always encourage people to figure out what works best for them. But I find music to be a really great, like, music and kind of dance and movement to really help me. So when I have moments where I’m just, like, thinking small in kind of a lack mentality, just not feeling good about myself or anything, what I like to do is I now, thanks to my neighbor, who’s really great at this stuff, she hooked up my alexa. So I won’t say it because then she’ll start playing, but I’ll tell her to play a certain playlist, right? And that playlist will come on and I, it’s all music that’s, like, empowering, like, talking about, like, great, amazing things, right? And I will listen to it and I will sing the words and I’m literally saying them, high, like, with a high great energy, singing and dancing and, like, my default, because my body likes habits, my default is just going, oh, I love this song. Let’s sing it and dance it. but what’s actually happening is I’m saying those things to myself. I’m shifting the space and energy that I’m in. I’m, like, doing some great things. And then when I’m, like, dancing and it’s still playing, then I’ll be like, you know what? I’m going to make my bed. Because making my bed makes me feel like I have a nice, clean, organized space. So I’m going to leave the. Cause. I’m in a one bedroom apartment. Like, I can open my door and hear the music and, like, make my bed so I’ll then make my bed, or I’ll do that. I’ll start doing things that kind of just shift the energy of my space. And then I’m like, oh, I’m feeling good. Like, what could I do today that would be really positive for, you know, my clients or the people who haven’t signed up to work with me in any way, shape, or form yet, or just people who will never, ever work with me, but I want to make a difference in their day because who knows what the ripple effect is? And so I try to shift my energy, shift what I’m thinking, shift what I’m saying, and then just start reminding myself that, like, I live, like, at the very least, I live in an abundant universe, right? I live in a place of, infinite and endless possibilities. And if I can just, like, sing songs that remind me of that or get me in that space, then I start going like, yeah, I can do anything. Yeah, anything’s possible. Yeah, let’s make some magic happen. And so that’s something that tends to work for me if I’m in a really space. Like, if I’m in a space space. Sometimes music isn’t enough and dancing, but a lot of times, that’s enough to kind of hack the system. Do, like, a quick energy shift for me.

Julie Jancius: Oh, I love it. Do you have a favorite go to song or two?

Nikki Nash: I don’t even want to say song. I’m going to say artists because I feel like sia, for almost all of her songs are like, I’m the greatest. I’m unstoppable. Like, singing about how I’m titanium don’t. Like, she has a song where the lyrics are literally like, don’t stop, never get up, keep on moving. So it’s like, things that are just like, I’m singing and I’m saying, and I’m like, yeah, I’m never going to give up. I’m going to keep going. I am the greatest. Like, I’m unstoppable. Anything’s possible, and it just puts me in that space.

Julie Jancius: I love it. I can feel it as you’re talking. Let’s take it back a step and go into your book. And a lot of people, when we say, market your genius, they go, first step. But, Julie, I don’t even know what my genius is yet. I don’t know what my gifts, talents, and abilities are yet. I don’t know how I want to serve the world. How do you help people to really answer that question within themselves?

Nikki Nash: Yeah. So I believe that identifying all of that is a journey. And I literally taught a workshop inside of one of my programs today, and I gave people this exercise that I think is really helpful for folks. And I literally had them, write down every accomplishment, results thing that they’ve ever personally achieved and every results or something that they’ve helped someone else achieve, right. And just write it all down. Like, set a timer and just set nauseam. I don’t care if it’s like, I learned how to walk, right? I learned how to read. Like, whatever. Like, I helped someone get their first client right. You know, lost 30 pounds. I don’t know, like, whatever it is, just, like, kind of get into, like, all the things that you’ve accomplished and write that down, because, as a first step, it helps you get an idea of, like, well, I’ve accomplished these things, and I’m sure there’s somebody out there who hasn’t that would like to, right. And then you can start asking yourself, okay, well, how did I accomplish it? Like, what was unique or different about me? Like, what helps me have these things become a reality inside of my life? And then you start finding themes, like, oh, well, I I showed up with a positive attitude, or I, like, I’m really good at connecting people. I didn’t even think about it, but, like, I got there because I just, like, loved talking to people and connected with them, or I am really connected with, like, a higher power. Like, I’m really tapped in and connected. And so those sorts of things help you start figuring out and finding, like, oh, like, these are some things that are, like, my gifts, like, my talents, right? And so it’s really, like asking yourself a lot of questions and journaling about it and not listening to the thought that comes to your mind, right. Because in doing this exercise, I had people that were like, you know what? I stopped midway through because I had the thought that, like, I’m, like, I’m being too braggy. Like, I should be more modest, or, like, who am I to, like, claim any of this, right? And it’s. It’s almost saying, all right, for. For three minutes or 60 seconds or whatever you can tolerate, I am just going to brag. Nobody ever has to see this. I’m just going to be bragalicious for a hot minute. And in the grand scheme of my life, it’s okay to brag that much, right? Like, just give yourself permission before you do it and then brag on yourself, right. Because that’ll start helping you connect the dots in terms of things that you’ve achieved things that you’re really great at, that, like things that you have as a gift. so that’s one exercise that I like doing. plus, I’m always a believer of just, I don’t know, praying on it and journaling about it. But I like, I like doing the first exercise first to kind of help you come up with a list.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, I love that. That’s something that spirit’s been bringing up a lot lately. It started with, seeing this instagram post, and I don’t remember who posted it, but was basically this professor saying to one of the students in the class, do you recognize that every time somebody gives you a compliment, you actually make emotion with your hand? Like your hand is pushing away from your chest or your heart and pushing the energy away, like, oh, no, not me. You know? And as he was saying this, I saw it from spirit in an energy way of when people are trying to praise us or we’re trying to praise ourselves just because we need it to keep going sometimes, but yet we’re pushing it away or, deflecting it and not allowing ourselves to absorb it, absorb it. It really doesn’t help us to move forward to that new step. It pulls us back 100%.

Nikki Nash: And it’s like, folks have problems receiving compliments, acknowledging successes, receiving help. And it’s like, it is a conscious decision until it becomes natural to transition back into being able to receive and being able to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished. Like, I remember some distinct m moments where I was like, ooh, I should reflect on that. Like, it’s kind of funny when I. When I share the story now, but, like, I was on an airplane, I had my luggage, like, my carry on, and this guy goes, and I had, like, a smoothie, in my hand, and I had my suitcase, and this man was sitting, and he goes, oh, let me help you. And I go, great. And I hand him my smoothie and that so that I could lift up my suitcase and put it and the overhead compartment. And I was like, this man wanted to put the suitcase in the overhand compartment for me, not hold my smoothie. And after I did, I am so sorry. I literally wasn’t even thinking, thank you so much. I really should have received that and allowed you to put up my suitcase. And he just kind of, like, laughed at me. Like, yeah. And I’m like, wow. Like, I’m blatantly not accepting help. Like, I’m like, and what little help. And if I’m accepting help, it’s literally, like, the smallest thing that someone could do. Hold this two ounce or eight ounce or whatever smoothie while I lift up this heavy suitcase and put it in the overhead compartment. Like what? So, it’s taken some work on my part to go. No, like, I, to one say, like, hey, I’m going to receive. Please don’t let that be the last time somebody asks me to put my suitcase up. I got the message that I was not paying attention, to please allow that to happen in the future so that I can receive gifts. And so it’s like, if you can’t receive, if I can’t receive someone helping me put a suitcase above, how am I going to receive a compliment? How am I going to receive money? How am I going to receive any of that stuff? It starts small, like, just start being able to sit with a compliment. You know, like, just sit with it.

Julie Jancius: I love that. Give yourself a compliment and sit with it and just really allow yourself to not reject it, not push it away, but really absorb it into your being.

Nikki Nash: Okay.

Julie Jancius: There’s a lot of people who listen to this podcast who are either authors, they want to write a book, they want to start a business. And there are healers in every different line of work. I have women who want to work specifically with horses healing. I have women who are strict mediums. I have so many different people who are just energy healers, just so many different gifts, talents, abilities across the board. And so take that. Hold it off to the side. The second component to this is I’ve been around marketing, writing, even like putting stuff together. Like 1996, I was learning how to take, take text and make headlines and put pictures in like the old school canva. And, I don’t use this word lightly, but I hate marketing. Like, I hate it. I hate putting myself out there. I hate, you know, that process. I hate trying to, it’s not sell things, but I hate putting myself out there because that’s the only way I’m going to be able to help people to get where they need to be. And marketing has changed so much since 1996, almost 30 years ago. It’s so complex. There’s so many different aspects. Let’s start at square one. For somebody who’s listening to this podcast, who’s like, okay, Nikki and Julie, I do have gifts. I’m going to put myself out there to help others. Where do you even start with marketing these days? Yeah, what is necessary and how? And yeah, where do you start?

Nikki Nash: I am so going to answer the word where we start, but the first thing I just have to say, because you said 1996. And then I thought about, like, how old I was and where I was, and you’re like, I was writing headlines in the old school canva, I don’t know how old you are, but I’m pretty confident you don’t look your age. And I just needed to share that with you because I was like, 1996. I was like, wait a minute. M what?

Julie Jancius: 1414, years old. I’m 42, but I started working for the Daily Herald and my high school newspaper in 1996. And we would take copy, you know, and, and plug it in. It was an old school system, kind of like we have for canva today. But, yeah, it was all like, how do you create a good headline? How do you write a good caption under a picture? Little did I know that it would prepare me for the day that we live in today.

Nikki Nash: Yeah, I was definitely not doing that in 1996, and we are not that far apart in age. I don’t know what the heck I was doing, but I was like, what? I was like, 1996. I was like, could you speak in 1996? What are you talking about? I just needed to say that because I was like, that was just boggling my mind. But one of the things I will say about marketing is that the tactics and the modalities is what’s changed. My belief system around what marketing actually is has not changed. And so I’m going to talk about that first and then go into the modalities and what somebody should do if they’re just getting started, like, my recommendation. But, like, in my mind, what marketing really is is relationship building. It’s like, it’s going, hey, Julie, you know, you have this dream or this problem or something, right? And I. Over here, Nikki, I’m, like, getting to know you and listening for what your dream is and what your problems are. And I’m either going to come up with an idea and possibly a product with, you know, support from an actual team that can develop, develop something. Or if I already know something that exists, I’m going to communicate it to you as a option or a possibility for you to use it to realize your dream or solve your problem. I’m just, like, getting to know people and solving problems. That’s how I look at marketing. That’s always how I’ve looked at marketing. And so I think because of that thought process, I find marketing fun. And, like, oh, I’m just solving, problems. I’m, like, helping people all day. That’s all I’m doing. And so if you have gifts what I truly encourage you to do is to just go, okay, I have some gifts that I know could help people and what is the easiest and most fun way for me to share that gift with a group of people? And I typically recommend, particularly for folks in this space of, like, healing, coaching, you know, all, ah, like whatever. Like where the thing that is helping people is usually me, like energy workers, whatever. It’s like it’s coming from me. I tend to say, choose one online platform, right? That you enjoy, that you find interesting, and that you are willing to just share some version of your gifts with online, whether that be Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, like X. Choose one and just say, I’m going to commit to showing up on this place daily. Right? Like I’m going to say daily because most people get out of the habit. If it is most people get out of the habit. Now, if you are like, you know what, Nick, starting off the bat, I know I can’t start daily. Like, I’m crazy a little bit. So I’m like, I’m going to do this every day, right? If you could say, like, all right, I’m going to go once a week, three times a week, but you’re going to show up each and every week doing something on that platform. I say start with that. Like, start with what feels good to you and that you can actually do. I’m like, let’s see what happens, right? And come from the standpoint of I’m going to picture a person who I know I could help and I’m just going to speak to them on that channel. Like, I’m just going to create stuff for that one person that I hope is watching. And I don’t care if, like a million people end up watching or one person ends up watching, but I’m just going to show up every week, however many times that week, I’m committed to doing, and I’m just going to add value. And, like, there are two schools, like, two kind of ways of going about this. Some businesses literally started by just giving away free content and being of service and value for years, like two years or so before they ever monetized it. So if you’re really like, you know what? I have money coming in. I have my job. Like, I’m enjoying this. I just want to start using my gifts. Then I say, just like, you know, I also forgot to mention YouTube, but, like, choose something and just like, show up regularly, right? And give value. And then if at a certain point you listen to people I like, the other platforms because there’s more two way communication. But like if you start getting comments or DM’s or things where people are like, oh my gosh, I could really use your help or things like that, then you can add on services or products or something like that down the line. If you want to intentionally go into building this as a business, then I would absolutely do so. But I would make sure that you’re not just doing, hey, I’m just giving value content for the heck of it. You want to think about like what sort of call to actions are you going to deliver such that people book a call with you or something? Like is there content that’s really talking about the value, the benefits of working with you? Is there social proof or like case studies that you want to share? Like there’s more levels of type of content you want to weave in, but if you’re just like, hey, I just want to test the waters for the next 90 days and like share my gifts on a platform, then just start doing it, there’s no right perfect way to do it. If people saw my first Facebook lives that I did in like 2006 or 2007, they would literally be like, Nikki, that is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And I’m like, yeah. Because I had it in my mind that if I was going to help people with anything business related, I had to look like a straight out of corporate business person professional so that people took me seriously because I have, especially then, like I have a baby face, but especially then, so I’m like, I already look like I’m twelve and like back in, you know, 2017 or whatever, like I’m like, I already look young and I need people to take me seriously. So I got like rent the Runway like Tweed, like, and now I’m like, hey, I’m wearing a pink basement, like you know, a, ah, trucker hat. And I’m just like, hey guys, how’s it going? But, but it was, it was a, ah, it was a different experience of me back then. But at least I kept showing up and I keep, I kept adding value and I kept, you know, doing that thing.

Julie Jancius: Well, that’s it. You know, I think that that’s one of the things that I was most scared of when starting this podcast was what if I say something and then I get new information because I’m just like an information nerd and a book nerd and I change my mind and I have a different opinion and then I’ve said something and it’s in the podcast and it’s how I feel for forever. That’s what people think. But you have to let go of that in order to really be able to step into who you are authentically, 100%.

Nikki Nash: And you know what you do? You record a new episode and said, hey, year ago I recorded an episode thinking about this. But actually I think about something differently, right? Something that just, I like to look at either analogies or other things that help me shift my perspective. And when I really think about it, I’m like, you know, politicians, not for nothing, most of them change their mind and stance on things left and right and somehow still get elected and still people, some people still love them. So I’m like, you know, I’m not that. I’m like, I’m not that. So if I’m changing my mind, I’m probably giving like a lot of thought to it. Maybe I have more evidence. Like it’s, it’s not going to be like I’m changing my mind every 5 seconds. I might just have had a new unique experience, or the way the world works has shifted, or, you know, and I think there’s problem being just transparent about it and, you know, the people that really are going to get mad at you and flip out at, you on it, those aren’t your people. It’s like, okay, good luck.

Julie Jancius: Well, you know, as we’re talking about this, I think it’s because, you know, if we’re going to show up for people and serve others and help others, a lot of people want to be the best versions of themselves. But I’ve heard my counselor friend say this, like, counselors have so many different problems, we just don’t talk about it with our clients, you know, and there are just, nobody is ever the perfect version. So what spirit always says in sessions is if you’re waiting to be perfect, to step into your genius, to go do the thing to help serve others, you’re really like the reindeer with the carrot in front of its head, just constantly pushing your start date out further and further and further and further. And to your point before, that’s where 90% of people on their deathbed say that they have regrets, and it’s a regret of not doing something 100%.

Nikki Nash: You want to know how you get better at business? You want to know how you become the better version of yourself? You know, how you, like, you become better at marketing and get better results, become a better coach or heal repetition and persistence. Like, I’m sure if anybody who, you know, oh, the first time I did a healing session with someone, it was like this. But now look at me like it’s, you have to put yourself out there and be in action. You have to live life. You have to do the thing. That’s how you get better at it. And as, someone who delayed starting a business because I thought I was going to, like, become this super genius, magical person that had all the information to succeed, no, what actually moved me further, faster was making a ton of mistakes, sometimes very costly mistakes. But it moved me further, faster than if I just sat around and, like, waited and thought about it. Like, it’s in the taking of the action, in the, doing the thing that makes you better at it, that gets you the results that you want, that gets you to be the better version of yourself. I am not the best version of myself in life, I’m sure, but I know I’m a better version of myself than I was a year ago, two years ago, five years ago. I’m a better coach than I was when I first started. I’m better at creating content than when I first started. But I’m better at podcast guesting than when I first started. But I’ve done, like, over 100 podcast interviews, and I’ve probably interviewed over 100 people in, like, Instagram lives and all sorts of stuff. So it’s like, you get better the more you do it absolutely well, and.

Julie Jancius: You start off your book that way. And I think it’s really profound how you start off your book and you’re talking about how, you know, we all look at people on Instagram and these folks who are traveling the world and think, oh, my gosh, you know, I want to be them. But your experience of it was much different. Would you share that with everybody?

Nikki Nash: Yeah. Like, I. First of all, I was like, is everyone in Bali, like, without me? Like, did I. I still have never been to Bali. but, you know, for anybody who’s probably, like, on the Internet in this space, it’s all like, everybody was doing a retreat. Everybody was going there, everybody was doing something. But my first year of business, I was very focused on tangible, money related results, because I was like, if I make six figures when I do these things, then my life will look like, then this will be better, right? And I was always cheating. Like, once this happens, x will be better. And what ended up happening is I made. I, like, hit certain milestones that I was gunning for, but I had a lot of debt. I had, like, I was all over the place. I was not better off chasing the thing that had I just said, you know what, I’m just going to give, share my gifts, focus on what I’m doing, and move forward. Right. I wasn’t better trying to chase the, the travel dreams, right? Like, I, looking at numbers, it’s like I made all this money, but I was constantly traveling. I then spent a lot of money on traveling. I spent a lot of money on coaching that I, quite frankly, didn’t need. And not because I don’t believe in coaching, but I over, like, I over invested in coaching courses. Like, no person could probably have gone through all of the programs that I had invested in thinking that they’re going to give me the secret and I’m suddenly going to be better. Right? And so I think my first year of business was not the beautiful laptop lifestyle that was so heavily marketed to me when I started. And honestly, still to this day, what I try to tell people now is that it just takes doing the work, showing up, making mistakes, and having faith like that. If you have nothing else but some faith and some action, and, like, at least clarity on where you’re trying to go, then, like, that’s, you’re so much further along than so many other people.

Julie Jancius: 100%. You touched on something at the very, very beginning that I think, like, we should bring up here. There are some people, whether they’re ADHD or not, they, maybe they even get downloads or channel information and they have a hundred different directions that they could go. But at some point when you’re helping and serving, I guess I don’t want to put words in your mouth, so I’ll rephrase. This is it that some people are just supposed to be a jack of all trades and do a lot of a lot of things, or a little of a lot of things, or do we help serve others the most? When you really get clear on what your mission is and go in one direction and not allow yourself to get sidetracked by all these other little things.

Nikki Nash: Yeah. Like, I, I like to believe that I’m going to live a good amount of time. Like, let’s say I turned 40 this year. So let’s say on the low end.

Julie Jancius: Happy birthday.

Nikki Nash: Thank you. Thank you kindly. June 22, I will officially be 40. but let’s say I’ve got, like, on the low end another 30 years in me, right? Like, I feel like I could get a lot done in 30 years. So if I have ten ideas, why am I trying to do all ten of them in one year? Like, I’m probably not going to move the needle very far on anything. What if I chose the one that I’m most excited about and passionate about right now? And I say I’m going to commit to this idea and I’m going to see it through and I’m going to get it, like, really far because, like, you can move so much further faster when you’re focused. That was a lot of f’s. I’m gonna put that on the further faster, further faster focused. And so, I’m a big fan. And what I used to do is I would have this notebook. Like, it’s not this particular notebook, but I would have a notebook and I would call it my idea notebook. And I would just write down all my ideas and then I would go, okay, well, I’ve already committed to this, so I’m going to focus on this idea that I’m committed to, but I now know that I have all these other ideas so that I have, like, I better kind of get this one to have momentum because I have a whole list of other things that I want to bring to the world. Right. And so do I think, like, you can be a jack of all trades and all of that? Yes. Like, you can have a lot of skills, but I encourage people to really choose something and commit to it and make, magic happen with that one idea because then you can get it further along. When I was trying to, like, this is a great example from a business perspective. I was selling one on one coaching 90 days for three grand when I first started. Okay? Like, that was my package. I don’t know. Like, I just made up for people who are like, how did you choose that price? I literally pulled it out of the air. In fact, I was in a group coaching program, and they had a module on, pricing later on. And had I watched that module before I gave my pricing, I would have charged only $1,500 because that’s what they recommended. But I was like, well, I already sold people. People are buying the 3000, so I’m not going to change it. So, like, sometimes it’s like, again, nobody knows what they’re doing. People just make stuff up anyway. So I literally made it up. And I’m like, this is what I’m selling. Then I watched something that was like, oh, great, get passive income. My stance on passive income has changed so much because passive income is only passive to a person, but it’s still active. Like, somebody has to be doing the active work for it to be passive. And until you have the money and resources to have somebody doing the active work, it’s you. So it’s like, get passive out of your head for a little bit for a second until you have the resources to make it passive by hiring somebody else to do it.

Julie Jancius: Explain that to people. Give people an example so that they see what you mean on that.

Nikki Nash: Yeah, example. Okay. So even when people are like, because I created this, I created a, I think was like $27 course or something, right? Or something like mini course or maybe, yeah, it was something cheap. And I was like, I know I’m going to create this course because then I’m going to have passive income and people are just going to buy this course. Well, guess what? If, nobody knows who I am and nobody knows the course exists, how the heck am I going to make all this money from the course? So what needs to happen is either I need someone out there promoting it, that is me, or I need to be running ads. Well, guess what? If I’m running ads, I don’t just set ads on and forget it. You have to monitor the ads regularly, and you have to change creative, you have to change the messaging, you have to tweak things that costs money, right? So, like, and if I don’t want to do it, then I have to hire someone who’s going to do it, right? Which means I need money to do the thing. So if I don’t have any money, what the heck am I doing trying to sell a dollar 27 course to tons of people for it to fund my life, right? And it’s not like I had an expensive life then. And so when I looked at the numbers, not enough people actually look at their data. So I actually looked at my data, and I had all these people buying this $27 thing, right? But when I looked at the number of people that purchased it and the amount of money it brought in, it didn’t even bring in enough to replace one of my one on one clients, right? So I’m like, so I could just do some, like, I could just sell people into hide my high ticket one on one and make more money than this $27 thing. And on top of that, I didn’t do a great job of figuring out how to get people who were buying the $27 thing to buy the $3,000 thing. So really they were just people that bought something from me and never talked to me ever again. So it’s like, that was actually a distraction. Looking back, I was like, that was a distraction. If I just doubled down on filling up my one on one, I would have made more money and been happier and served people at a higher level. Right. So it’s like, it’s really realizing that, right? Like, I think about people understand like, concepts like, having stock. I was like, what is the things that people get in the stock market? Stocks. Hello, Nikki. Momentary lapse. Like, if you have a retirement fund, right? Or if anybody, you know has a retirement fund, people are like, passive income. No. Somebody is actively managing that fund to make sure you don’t lose all your money unless you just put it somewhere and never look at it ever again. But usually somebody is doing something. You want to have real estate, right? Somebody has to be getting the renters in, making sure they’re paying their rent, making, sure that the property is being well taken care of. And when renters leave, making sure that it is getting, like, repainted, all that stuff. Like somebody has to do it. So it’s like either you’re doing it or you’re hiring someone to do it, right? So whatever it is, all these things where people are like, oh, do this. It’s passive income. No, it’s passive when you hire someone else to do it, right? Like, whoever owned some of the companies I worked for, like, I worked for intel, whoever was probably like just like an owner and didn’t do anything. Yeah, it’s passive income for me because my butt and a bunch of like thousands of other people are running the company, right? So it’s passive for somebody. They had the resources to make it passive for them.

Julie Jancius: I want to make this apply to everybody because it’s not just about passive income. What you’re talking about is a lot of us, even as adults, think that we can go do things, but it takes ton more time to go actually do the thing that your brain is like, oh, this is easy, just go over here and do this. but it takes a ton of time. And so when we have these big to do lists, because I’m, like, looking at it over there, I’ve got one of those, mega post its that just massive for the wall and it says great ideas on it so that every time I have a great idea, I put it on the list and then I prioritize. Once I’m done with this project, which one do I want to pull off and, and do next? What I often realize, though, is I don’t have enough time to do it all. Like, one thing takes so much more time than you would think it does.

Nikki Nash: 100% the other day. So I have a accelerator program I’m revamping. I’ve not doing it right now. I already revamped the content. And the other day, I was like, I want to. I need a workbook for this now. In my mind, I was like, oh, my gosh, I’m going to totally bang out this workbook in, like, 5 seconds. Like, no problem. No. This workbook took me hours. Right? So I’m sitting there, and it’ll be faster now because I now have a template that’s like, that I created. That’s the right colors and all other stuff, but I’m like, that took me way longer than I expected. I set timers for myself, so I’m like, I’m going to get this done in 20 minutes, and I will say, you know, insert the word Alexa, and then I’ll say, like, set a timer. Say it quietly before she goes, all right, nikki, I’m setting the timer, but I’ll be like, set a timer for this period of time. And I’m like, yeah, I’m going to get it done in that period of time. And then I’m setting that timer, like, three, four times. Everything takes longer. And so I’m sitting here like, all right, you know what? Like, this is some. This is why we have team. This is why you. You get a VA or support. Because I me spending hours doing that is taking away from me spending hours doing something else, whether it’s a sales call or, like, actually teaching inside the program or being on a podcast, interview or other things that only I can do. Like, somebody else could create a workbook, right? Like, they could do that, but they can’t be Nikki on a guest on a podcast. They can’t do that. So I’m with you. It’s like, figure out the things that you only you can do and then really think about, like, bringing somebody else in to do the other stuff.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. M with your marketing expertise and everybody out here who wants to grow a business, I think one of the biggest questions spirit wants me to bring through so that they have the answer is, if you put your psychic cap on, where do you see marketing going? Social media going over the next ten years?

Nikki Nash: Ooh. Okay. I think it is going to be like, it’s going to be a good and a bad thing. I think it’s going to be significantly easier for people to market online because of AI. Like, I think AI is already making my life easier, and I’m a marketer. Like, I can just be like, hey, can you do this thing? Like, he still needs, like, strategy behind it, but it’s like, depending on what you’re using, ideally, it’s getting smarter every time you’re using it. So ultimately, it could replace me in doing certain things. Right. I think because of that, it’s probably going to increase the already crowded online marketplace with content and advice and things like that, because it’s going to be significantly easier. The bare. The barrier to entry was already really low, but now it’s, like, even lower and, like, lower with pretty good quality. Like, really great quality, right? So I think that because of that, the ability for people to build relationships with their prospective clients and with their actual clients in person in a way that can’t be replicated by, like, machine learning or AI or something like that, is going to be incredibly important. But, right now, to run events or to do things with people in person, it takes capital. So it’s like, if people can think, like, not a ton, but, like, you know, you can have people over at your house, like, you can do whatever you want.

Julie Jancius: Oh, no. Here in the Chicagoland area, I wanted to plan a spiritual retreat, and this is just a great case in point. You know, I was getting ready to do a podcast episode that I do every January 1, which is like, what does spirit want people to know about the next year? And spirit goes, you’re going to run a spiritual retreat? So, like, okay, well, I got to get through January and then February, I’ll start looking at it. Well, all February, I went to every single hotel within probably a, 25 miles radius, and they all wanted a very, very, very large sum. Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars for a room that pre COVID was one fifth of that, one fourth of that. Like, it was off the charts. And so, no, I totally get it. Very, very costly, and. And it just breaks my heart into pieces because then people go, oh, well, Julie, why are your prices this? And you’re like, because I’m paying for so much that you’re not seeing. But everything is either getting donated back to the community or helping people in some way, or going back into the business to create more hope and to spread more hope and more love.

Nikki Nash: Yeah, I’m with you. So I really do think that what the world needs and what will probably happen, hopefully, is more human connection. My concern is that because it’s becoming easier to be isolated and to not actually speak to people, that, like, that is also another possibility that things just go awry and nobody like, you know, but I think a lot of people are craving, like, human connection and relationships. So I think that will probably be even more of a role inside of marketing.

Julie Jancius: Amazing. I love that. I think it’s so needed, that human connection. Nikki, tell everybody where they can find you. Your book market, your genius, and, just everywhere you are.

Nikki Nash: Yes. So my favorite place to hang out is on Instagram, so you guys can find me there. I’m ikinashofficial. It’s where I ideally provide content, resources, things along those lines that really help people turn their gifts and genius into a profitable business, but also just share it with more people. So I would say that’s probably the best place to connect with me. I also link to my book on, that profile so you can easily access it, but it’s available where all books are sold. I’m grateful for hay House, who’s my book publisher. And so it’s in places I didn’t even know I could get a book. So it’s, it’s, it’s all over the place. And then it’s like if you walk into a bookstore and they don’t have it, they can order it for you. And a lot of them will if they sold out or if, it didn’t make it into their store. It’s something that they can easily get for you. So if you have your local faves, by all means, just tell them the name of the book and, and my name, Nikki Nash, and they’ll get it for you.

Julie Jancius: Amazing. Nikki, thank you for being you and sharing your gifts and talents with the world. I so appreciate you being here.

Nikki Nash: Thank you so much again for having me.

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