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BONUS EPISODE!  3-Day Free Angel Fest and Top 5 Angelic Secrets


This BONUS episode is in addition to our all new episodes for Monday and Thursday. Hello beautiful souls!  I am so excited to bring you this BONUS episode where we talk all about the upcoming Angel Fest!  The Angels have been prompting me all year long to create an event to guide people to make 2024 their best year ever! I believe in karma and giving back more than I receive so I am offering Angel Fest, a FREE 3-Day event, to all of my listeners!  Join me on this episode as Evonne and I give you a sneak peek of what is in store for you during this inspiring 3 day FREE conference taking place January 18 – 20, 2024!  And SPOILER ALERT:  In this episode I  will share 5 of my favorite Angel tips!  So join me as we explore all that the Angel Fest has to offer.  Please see the link below to register for this Angelic event as there are a limited amount of spaces left! 
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Julie Jancius: Hello, beautiful souls. Welcome back to the Angels and Awakening podcast. I’m your host and author, Julie Jancius. Friends, the angels came in and they asked me to host a free three day online conference for you. We’re calling it Angel Fest. Why are we doing this? Angel Fest? In order to help you expand your creative energy in a way that’s going to allow you to become more you, friends. Progress would be impossible if we always did things the same way that we always have, right? So if you’re ready for a change, if you are ready to transform, life’s miracles really begin with you having an open mind to one thing, and that is infinite possibilities, we’re going to help you tap into this power. Step back into your power at Angel Fest. We want the energy of angel Fest to really help you start out your year and really guide you through your entire year. I’m here with Evonne, and the thing that I want you to know, too, is you have a Monday and Thursday episode, just like always. This is just a bonus episode to explain what the free Angel Fest is, where to go, how to register, and really some of the things that we’re going to be talking about in Angel Fest, where I give you a slew of different angelic secrets that I have channeled along the way– five of which we’re going to be sharing with you today on the show to just kind of make it interesting, keep you here, and really just benefit you with all of the things that the angels say and the way that the angels want to work with you, guide you to transform your life. So, Evonne, welcome to the show.

Evonne: Julie, thank you so much. I really appreciate this opportunity to talk with you further about this amazing event that you’re hosting. And, I guess, first and foremost, I’m just really curious, what prompted you to, um, decide to do this three free day event.

Julie Jancius: Oh, my goodness. So I don’t know if people know this, but the first course that I did in this Angel Fest, I was in the shower, just washing my hair, minding my own business, and the angels came in the very first time, years ago, and they said, you’re going to do this course. And I go, okay. So I did it. And they came in again this fall and they said, you have to put together this angel fest because a lot of people are struggling right now with so many different things. It doesn’t matter what you’re struggling with. It all comes down to the same baseline, where if you’re not living your life based on your intuition, you’re not following what I would call your soul’s contract, your soul’s life plan, your soul’s life path, it’s all the same thing. And when you’re not following that, what are we doing? Right? Like, there’s just such a more fulfilling, abundant, lively, vibrant, vivacious life to be lived. And the angels are working with all of us individually every single day to try and make that happen. 

But Evonne, have you ever noticed this in your life? Like, sometimes we just need a little tool, a little tip, a little trick to move the needle in our lives. And once we have that little thing, it’s like this massive aha moment. And you wake up and you go, that’s what I was missing. That’s what I needed. And it really does shift the direction of your life. That’s what I want this to be.

Evonne: I love that. And I love that everyone’s doing their new year’s resolutions. And I love how these tips and tricks can help you towards just creating the better life that you wrote down this on January 1, and you write down your goals, and a lot of times we have all these goals that start at the beginning of the year. And I love that you’re doing this now, because how do we get to the goals? How do we manifest the life that we want? How do we get what we want? So I’m really excited that you chose this time of year to do this. So thank you for that. Yay, I’m excited. 

So tell us a little bit about what you’ve got in store for this angel fest. Just a little sneak peek, if you will.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. So it’s coming up. It’s like right here. Angel Fest is January 18, 19th and 20th. Every single day when you register, you get different pre recorded healings teachings and also live events with me in order to really help take you to that next level and really open you up to those infinite possibilities. Because once you can really see those in your life, you start to see the way that the angels are giving you the insight to.

Evonne: Right, right. That’s awesome. Okay, so 18th, 19th and 20th. So how long does that angel fest last each day?

Julie Jancius: So it’s part you can do on your own at home with the pre recordings. And then there’s 2 hours every day of videos that you can tune into live with the entire group. And we’ve got thousands of people signed up, so it’s really exciting.

Evonne: Did I hear that you have over 1000 people already registered for this?

Julie Jancius: Over two.

Evonne: You do? That’s amazing. Oh, my goodness. Okay, well, that’s a really exciting event. So I can’t wait. So it’s basically 2 hours of live events. And if you can’t make it, what would happen? If you can’t make it every day? But maybe you could make it one day, how would that work for you?

Julie Jancius: So if you can’t come in person or attend live, there’s no worries whatsoever. We’re sending you a link to everything that is recorded and sent out after each event every single day.

Evonne: Oh my goodness. I love that. And even if you were there and you were live, you get to relisten to it, right?

Julie Jancius: So many people do. Yeah.

Evonne: Like if you missed something or you got distracted by your little one or your dog or anything. So that’s wonderful. That’s really exciting. So I’m just curious, how many spots do you have left? I know that you’re offering a limited amount of spaces. Are we getting down to the wire here?

Julie Jancius: Yeah, we just wanted to make sure that it stays intimate with everybody. And so there’s 500 spots left. We do want you to invite your friends, anybody who you would like to go through this with, because it creates those bonds. Where sometimes it’s easier to read a book if you’re in a book club, sometimes it’s easier to develop your spirituality if you’ve got someone right alongside with you. So if you have that friend who would really just love this, have them jump on in. And Evonne, I think this is a great opportunity to share that first angel secret with everybody.

Evonne: Oh, that’s right. So I would love to hear the angel secret. Yes.

Julie Jancius: So these are just secrets that I really abide by within my life, just different philosophies. And the first one that the angels say all the time. And a lot of times these secrets, um, come to me when I’m in sessions, because when you do sessions for a couple of people, versus thousands and thousands of people, you start to see these threads like, oh my goodness, 90% of the people coming in are struggling with this. And this is what the remedy is the angels give us. Right? So the angels say all the time that God, universe, source, their law states that miracles can happen to every single person. Like, you can’t raise your hand and be like Julie, but miracles don’t happen to me. Not possible by the laws of the divine. Miracles can happen to everyone, everywhere, anytime. 

So if you really think about it, miracles, blessings, opportunities, advancements, advancements, they all await you. They’re energies within you that we want to bring out and those miracles, I would say, are really waiting to be claimed by you, because you’re one droplet in the ocean that is God universe source within you, you possess everything that you need to be a miracle worker, because when you vibrate at the same frequency as God universe source, get into that oneness energy, learn how to hold oneness. It is the energy of infinity that God universe source is. It is the energy of abundance that God universe source is. And you’re really starting to bring that into your orbit, because I like to think about it like this, too, and I think this might be one of my other secrets that I have in here. But, Evonne, think of it like this. If you had 20 apples, you could only give 20 apples. If you have love within you, you can give love. If you have abundance within you, you can give that abundance. But so many of us are holding on to these negative thoughts, and so we get this negativity back. And I’m not one who believes that we manifest everything that happens to us, but I do believe that there’s a very big difference between those rare moments in our life and the day to day energy that we choose to hold. So when you really tune into, you have, a wealth within you of health, abundance, of love, joy, prosperity in every single way, you tune into that vibration of your own soul. Wow. That’s where changes start to happen. That’s where transformation starts to happen. That’s where you really start to take your power back. And we really shift from this energy of self doubt to limitless, infinite possibilities within us. And that’s where miracles start to really begin. And the angels always say, we are the creators of miracles. We create miracles when we believe, we create miracles when we invest in ourselves. We create these miracles all the time. But a lot of times it starts with having that belief and that faith. And so I hope that’s what one thing that angel fest really instills in everyone.

Evonne: That is beautiful. There were probably a couple of wonderful tips in there, and really, what I’m hearing you say is just you’re really going to help people listen to their intuition, open up their heart, and realize that there’s infinite abundance in different categories of their life, and just a lot through belief and also just keeping that heart open and listening to yourself. And I’m so excited because I think a lot of times you mentioned the word oneness, and I know you’re going to be touching on that in the angel fest. A lot of people don’t understand what that means and how to get there. So what tip and story as we go into 2024 and we try to manifest our year. So I love that tip. Thank you so much for sharing that. That was beautiful.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. And actually, you touched on angel secret number two, which is trusting your own inner vision. A lot of times the angels say you don’t choose the thoughts that come in, they just come in, they just flow into your mind. And just like that, you don’t choose the visions that come to you. And so often people think, oh, uh, well, I just have this vision of writing this book or starting this charity or going and taking the angel Reiki school or becoming a death doula. And they think that they’re making it up. They think that it’s just there randomly, but it’s not those visions, those positive, loving visions that are recurring and they just keep coming back and floating back and floating back to us. That’s your angels using your imagination to really show you what’s possible for yourself. And they always say you have wants, needs, desires, dreams for the direction that you want your life to go, because that’s your soul self talking to you. That’s what your soul wants. That’s it leading you to your soul path and what you’re supposed to do here. So often, um, people don’t trust that inner vision that they’re getting and they really stop themselves from dreaming. So that’s another thing that we are working on at Angel Fest. Let’s not do that to ourselves. Let’s allow ourselves to dream again. It’s coming back to infinite, infinite possibilities, miracles, opportunities.

Evonne: Yeah. Just removing those limitations, isn’t it? And when their angels want you to know something, they never go away, do they?

Julie Jancius: No.

Evonne: Like, tug on you like a little toddler. Yeah.

Julie Jancius: Some of the dreams that I’ve had within me, I’ve had since I was 16 years old. Some of them I can remember back to twelve years old. And there’s new dreams that are always constantly coming in. And sometimes dreams change. Dreams can change along the way. I used to think to myself when I retire one day, I just want to live in a warm climate by the beach where I can walk on the beach every single day. And I love my daughter so much. I just want to be wherever she is when I’m older. And if she chooses to be near the mountains, that’s where I’m going to be. 

So I’m not saying that your dreams can’t change. Absolutely they can. But they’re there on purpose, intentionally. And I think that what ends up happening is that if you don’t follow them, you’re not evolving. And I think that a lot of people who come to see me are like Julie, I’m not seeing the shifts that I wanted to see in my life, and that’s where their journey starts out with me or Julie, I just feel stuck. I feel like my angels aren’t talking to me. I feel like God’s abandoned me. And it’s really not that. It’s that we have stopped this mutual conversation with the divine that really includes the visions that they’re sending to you to evolve you, to help you grow into a deeper, bigger part of yourself. And that starts with really trusting the visions that you’re getting. Loving, positive visions.

Evonne: I love that. That is really helpful. And I think what’s so nice is just knowing that, um, you’re giving us these tips and tools during this angel fest. And like I said, I think it’s so appreciated that you have decided to take your energy and time and funnel that. And I know the angels have guided you to do this to help people right now at this critical time and the world that we are living in at this moment. So this is so needed and so appreciated. So thank you for that tip. That’s a great tip, by the way. Yay. I know you have angel membership, so if I’m an angel member already, can you tell me if there’s any bonuses or perks I’ll be getting at this angel fest conference? Yes.

Julie Jancius: So angel members are getting a bonus 1 hour with me where I’m doing group readings and maybe a couple special teachings over there. But in those group readings, sometimes they call them gallery readings. We just select from the audience and pull them in. You can still become an angel member if you’re not already. There’s still time. You can go over to theangelmedium.com and there’s just so many benefits this year of going through the membership that you get all year long. Weekly live events. Weekly event with me live. And there’s just so much that we have put our body, soul, energy, sweat, tears into making this something that everybody can gain tremendous value from.

Evonne: Okay, let me understand this, because this is pretty exciting. So after you do your teachings and your healings and go through these amazing tips, you’re going to have an hour where it’s a gallery reading where people can just possibly be the lucky person to be called. And you know, it’s funny, I’ve been part of those galleries with you and what’s so beautiful about being part of a gallery is often the message that you need to hear is being spoken to other people, and you get something out of that as well. But it’s just also a fascinating experience if one has not experienced seeing those messages delivered from you to those individuals. So really encourage people to be a part of that after event.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. And there’s twelve courses, twelve brand new courses in the angel membership this year. We did an entire episode, Evonne and I, in December, all on the angel membership. So if people are interested in that, they can go and check out that episode or even book a discovery call. We could put the link for that in the show notes.

Evonne: That’s wonderful. Also, did I hear that there’s going to be some lucky winners at the end of the angel fest? Yes.

Julie Jancius: So anybody who’s attending angel fest, we’re picking, like, you have to be live in the audience, but if you’re live in the audience, we’re picking a lot of winners for several different things. Readings with me, readings with folks on the team, and just tons of other perks.

Evonne: That’s exciting. Yay. So total reason to be live if you can. And there’s three days to take that opportunity. If you can’t make all three, make two, make one, whatever you can do. So, um, just to have that extra perk. So that’s beautiful. So do you have any more angel tips for us? Yes.

Julie Jancius: Angel secret number three.

Evonne: I can’t wait.

Julie Jancius: Yay. Yeah. Angel secret number three. And this is a hard one for me to write, but I channeled these out from the angels. And I really, truly believe this because I’ve seen this so much in the energy of just sessions that I’ve done. But from all of those sessions, I truly believe that most of humanity is more afraid of living than dying. And we’re afraid of living because we’re so afraid to get it wrong, to make a mistake, to fail altogether, that we really oftentimes refuse to begin m at all. And it just breaks my heart, because when we do this, we stop dreaming. We really start playing it safe in our lives. We start shrinking ourselves, we start shrinking our thinking. We start living more small. And as we’re going through this process, we begin to feel more empty inside. 

And I think it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who said, don’t die with your music still in you. And there are words that just echo within my being constantly, every day. And what I know, like I know, like I know, is that the universe works the way it does for a reason. There is a plan. Behind all of it, there is a harmony within all that is. And what I also know, like I know, like I know, is that your soul, in particular, every single person who’s listening to this, is listening for a reason. And Archangel Michael, really wants you to take this next piece and accept it into your heart that your soul has gifts, talents, skills, abilities that it wants to share with the world. And your angels just say, you are so needed. You are so needed by so many. And what it really comes down to, your angels say, is that it’s your unique blueprint, it’s your unique vibration that is needed by this world. So I really want you to, if you’re listening to this today, write down that saying, don’t die with your music still in you by Dr. Wayne Dyer. And just marinate on that every single time that you see it and ask yourself, what dreams are coming to me? What visions are coming to me? What can I be tuning into that my angels want me to know? Because there’s so much within you and it just needs to be shared with the world.

Evonne: That is amazing. I wrote it down. It’s funny, before you told me to, because that is absolutely beautiful. And I do remember Dr. Wayne Dyer saying that. And I think I told you I volunteer for hospice. And what I will tell you is that the regrets that people have are often on the things that they didn’t do. And it’s not just about the money and the work, but it’s about living. And I love that you said that. 

And it’s interesting because I can see how you tied in your angel membership this year to do that, because you mentioned your spiritual blueprint and I think that everybody wants to have this guidance of– Exactly. It’s so easy. We talked about the flow that happens when you listen to your angels. And if people are just not sure how to go about that. So you doing this three free day Angel Fest, is absolutely amazing because it’s going to give those little tips to get you started. And being part of the angel membership, I will just say from experience, um, has been fabulous to continue that study. So it’s great to have that kickstart. But consider the angel membership as well because it continues on your journey and it keeps you reinforced. It’s like working out, right? You just go to the gym and you get that big. That first day is amazing. And then it’s like, bomb, bomb, bomb. So if we just keep on this path, um, the combination is just a beautiful combination. So I can’t tell you how much it’s being appreciated by everybody. Yay.

Julie Jancius: Well, we’re always successful at what we’re consistent at, and the angel membership is there for you to stay consistent with your spiritual practice. And there’s just so much for people to read. I’m in a general non spiritual book club in my neighborhood, and people are like, what book should we read next? And everybody’s having a hard time picking the book. And I was like, if we’re having such a hard time picking this book, that could be anything for our just little book club over here. How many people are having trouble sorting and navigating through all of the spiritual information that is out there from the past, from the now and navigating it? This last year, I was really, really proud. I read one book a week last year, all of 2023. And this year, so far, I’m on pace with it. I hope I can keep up with it. I read two books a week and I want to keep up with that. 

So what I did all of 2023 was consolidate everything that the angels have shown me and that I’ve learned from past teachings about intuition, abundance, prosperity, and how the intuition really works, the mechanics of it, because when we’re listening to it, we’re following our soul’s path. And I broke that down into twelve courses. And within those twelve courses, I broke it down into the easiest, most simple steps possible. So all of 2024 is about getting us to this place. But the angel fest is a mini piece to spark this, to give you as much as I can for free. And then if you want to continue on all year long, you have the resources, you have the access, when you become an angel member, to live events every week with me, with my team, and just new courses every month to keep you on track and to give you the information in order. That’s in an easy way to get through it, because we’re all so busy.

Evonne: I love that. No, I definitely. And like I said, I love that you can go back and listen to it. And this is on Zoom, is that right? It’s on Zoom, yes.

Julie Jancius: It’s all online. So nothing in person. You can get to the free three day online conference just from the convenience of your own home. I don’t know if this is okay, but I do know that a lot of people tend to listen in from work and they’re able to kind of work and listen at the same time, which is also fun.

Evonne: Yes. Just earbuds. It works all the time. Perfect.

Julie Jancius: Yeah.

Evonne: If I do want to sign up, what happens? Do I get an email with all of the information?

Julie Jancius: So you’re going to go over to theangelmedium.com free to sign up for the Angel Festt. Absolutely free. And then, yes, once you register also that link is in the show notes. But once you register, you’re going to get emails and links. They’ve got a unique code for every person. So if you bring a friend, they have to have their own unique code. But that unique link lets you into the event and that’s where we’re all going to meet online.

Evonne: I love when I did obviously register and when I did it, I could download it to my calendar because of different time zones and everything. So that was really helpful. So it’s going to show up on my calendar and I think that’s helpful because we all do forget, right? We think we’re something. So that’s a great little piece that you added to it. So thank you for that, keeping us organized. Yay. Do you want to share one more?

Julie Jancius: Yeah, I want to share angel secret number four. And then we’ve got an angel secret number five.

Evonne: Awesome. Yes.

Julie Jancius: Angel secret number four is really interesting. Did you know, Evonne, that I think it’s 90% of people– and it might even be higher than that. When you meditate or get into oneness and you’re just standing around other people, most people’s serotonin levels around you will raise just because your vibration is raised.

Evonne: Wow, that’s amazing, isn’t it? I believe in energy. Yeah, energy. And if you’re negative, it goes the other way. So I love that 100%.

Julie Jancius: So angel secret number four is the energy and vibration you hold impacts everybody around you. If you’re like, why is my household just complete chaos? Are you holding that complete chaos within you? If your household or your coworkers are just completely depleted, are you holding that depletion within yourself? We have to come back to and remember that we can’t give out what we don’t hold within ourselves. So what the angels always say is the work that you do on yourself spiritually to come home to your soul self, it doesn’t just impact you, it impacts everyone around you. Because when you lift and shift your vibration higher, when you let go of things that aren’t serving you, it really does lift and shift the vibrations of others around you. And so I really want what people learn in the membership to be something that they can take back into their own life easily and create this ripple effect of just positivity and love.

Evonne: That one tip alone is huge. And how to get to that point? Because your animals are always a good sign, right? Like when the energy is not good in your home, your animals go hide. They look at you weird. So I love that. And it’s so true. Right? And then when you’re happy, they’re smiling. But you’re right, it’s contagious. It’s contagious. So if we can all get to that better place and raise our energy, um, we’re sharing a gift with other people that aren’t even participating in this. And I love that beautiful tip. Really, thank you.

Julie Jancius: Okay. And then angel secret number five is don’t let your past stop you from living your future to the fullest. So when I’m in a session with a client, the angels will often show me how a person feels like they should have been further along in life by now. And this past expectation that they had is almost acting like handcuffs. That’s restraining them from fully embracing what is the now and really the infinite possibilities of what could be. So your angels really ask you to ponder this question, too, which is, how are your past and your previous expectations holding you back from truly living your life now? When you come into the angel fest, this isn’t just about teachings and healings. What we really want to do is remove all of the energy that’s not serving you. Bless your energy, shift your energy, transform your energy so that we’re not just feeding the mind new information, but you’re leaving with a completely different vibration to step back into your life with.

Evonne: Wow, that’s great. I love that you have that. And combined with the healings that you are doing and the teachings you are doing on top of that and then the fun of the little mini readings, it’s a very full three days in a short, compacted time. So I think anybody that hasn’t experienced this firsthand, this is a great opportunity to give it a try and see what you’re missing and take that with you. So that’s beautiful. Well, thank you, Julie. That’s incredible. I love it.

Julie Jancius: Thank you. Thanks for being here, Evonne. Absolutely.

Evonne: Yeah.

Julie Jancius: Friends, if you want to register for the Angel Fest, you can go over to the show notes or you can go to theangelmedium.com/free. The angel fest is January 18, 19th, 20th, and we would love to see you there. People have already asked me, are you going to do this every year? I don’t know, but we are doing it right now. So I’d love for you to register. Love for you to bring a friend again. If you cannot make it live, um, we will send you the recordings via email and invite as many friends as you want. 

If you would like to become an angel member to get those added perks to get those group readings with me. And there’s just so much more. Definitely go over to theangelmedium.com on the tabs. Look for angel membership. Click over there and you can see everything that we’ve got going on for this year. Friends. I believe in karma so much because every time I hop into a session, what I see is loved ones on the other side who have gone through a life review. So the way I live my life and the way that I run my business has, uh, always been and will always be to give more than I receive. Because I want to get to my life review on the other side one day and just feel the abundance of all the lives that I got. The blessing of being able to help and serve. I try and give as much as I can. So thank you for allowing me this opportunity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this work. And thank you for registering for Angel Fest, because I love doing this and I love being able to serve you by giving you as much as I know in a manner that’s easy to digest and easy to take and bring back into your life, to just transform and shift into what the angels know can be, it’s limitless possibilities. There are limitless possibilities for you, friend. All right, friends, see you at Angel Fest in a couple of days. Register  at theangelmedium.com/Free. See you there.

Evonne: Bye.

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