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Becoming the Master of Your YOUniverse – with Brandon Beachum

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Hello beautiful souls! I’m excited to introduce Brandon Beachum (serial entrepreneur, podcast host of The Positive Head Podcast and author of The Golden Key) as we dive into a discussion around ‘abundance.’ Brandon helps us explore the keys that unlock a fulfilling life which include mastering the YOUniverse. Listen in so you can learn how to trust the process and take charge of your destiny to manifest the life you truly desire.

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Julie Jancius (01:33): Hello, beautiful souls. Welcome back to the Angels and Awakening podcast. I’m your host and author, Julie Jancius, and friends, you’re going to love talking about abundance today with the host of, uh, the Positive Head podcast, Brandon Beacham. He has a new book that he came out with in 2021 called The Golden Key modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance. Brandon, welcome to the show.

Brandon Beachum: Thank you so much for having me. And, um, yeah, it’s not quite what people think. It’s abundance. So this is a dance instruction book? No, just kidding. Everyone get ready to shake your butt. Here we go. And one.

Julie Jancius (02:17): I love it. Okay, so, um, if, uh, people follow you over on social, they know that you end every single podcast by asking somebody, why are we here? What is the purpose of this life, our existence? And so I actually want to start today’s podcast with this.

Brandon Beachum: Turn it on me.

Julie Jancius: I am. What’s the purpose?

Brandon Beachum (02:45): What is the meaning of life? According to Brandon Beacham, in 60 seconds or less, my cliche closing question on every episode of my podcast, Positive Head. Um, so what is the meaning of life, according to Brandon Beacham, to be, to experience, and ultimately, your soul wants to experience it all. You can’t know that what you are unless you know that what you are not. Um, and so your soul comes for the contrast I believe in this dimension, in this 3D physical reality. It didn’t come for all rainbows and unicorns, and it came because the Earth school, if you will, offers an opportunity for growth that simply isn’t available in the same way in non physical– in other dimensions of reality where we reside. So it’s like, okay, I’m going to this particular place that serves a particular purpose, where positive and negative forces are literally rubbing up against each other in ways they just don’t elsewhere. And it gives my soul the opportunity to experience contrast. Ah, that an expansion of, um, of experience and growth can happen that otherwise can’t here. Um, so I broke my own rule. That’s way past 60 seconds.

Julie Jancius (04:21): No, that is perfect, that’s perfect. So in this great expansion and evolution that you’re in right now in this life, what have been some of the greatest lessons that you’ve learned along the way? And what is God/ universe/ source having you evolve into or learn right now?

Brandon Beachum (04:45): Great question. I often say on positive head, um, I’ve done almost 2000 episodes, podcast episodes there and I often will say I teach best what I most need to learn. Yes, and I think we all do. For me, at a relatively early age, um, I started Redash remembering coming back together with the other parts of myself and remembering that I am more than this body and understanding the basics of the ultimate nature of reality. I’m one with the source consciousness that creates and animates all things. Everywhere I go, I’m there waiting for myself. Life is happening for me, not to me. Um, and it’s all reflecting me back to me and for my good and growth, right? 

(05:35) I forget who said it. Your first part of your life is to figure out to find your gift. Your second part is meant to give it away. I believe Gandhi had it right when he said if you want to find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others. Uh, and the reason I believe that holds true is because there are no others. There’s only one of us in the room at any given time. The separation between us is illusory in nature. So this divine dichotomy two apparently contradictory things that are both hold true depending on the vantage point from which we speak. Relative truth, you and I are separate, that’s true. You and I are one. That’s true. Which vantage point are we speaking from? So for me, it’s about remembering these truths and then 25 years now for me– and that’s what the golden key my book Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance is about 25 years of deep exploration of the ultimate nature of reality. How do I condense this down into 100 pages in 3 hours If you listen to the audiobook, I’m pretty verbose, uh, if you haven’t noticed already. And it’s like, how do I condense this? And uh, my version, my perspective, is my way of sort of regurgitating some of this information and sharing this information in a way that might land slightly different because we all have our own energetic signature and vibrational offering. 

(07:00) And so for me, it was early on, 25 years ago to wake up and remember a lot of this. And then the rest of my life is about learning to actually apply it and live it. To walk the talk and Mike Tyson said it best. He said, everyone’s got a plan till you get punched in the face. And so life punches just in the face. And then it’s like, oh, where’d my spirituality go? Where’d my understanding that this is happening for me? Not to me. How do I process this anger? If I’m holding a cup of coffee, like I am right here and you bump into me, what spills out? Coffee. Why? Because coffee was in the cup. So if someone bumps up against me and anger spills out, why? Because anger was in the cup. And so once you start to like, oh, I have anger to deal with, I have agitation to deal with, I have trusting that things are happening for me. Even though I can’t see my higher self is playing chess, I’m playing checkers. And I’m getting mad because my checkers moves aren’t always working, thinking I’ve got it all figured out. And so learning to dance with the higher self, to trust and surrender, let go of anything that you think is supposed to happen or you need, and that’s the dance. And that’s the dance that I’m here to learn and simultaneously reflect back to others, teach what I’m learning.

Julie Jancius (08:23): Yeah. So right now in your life, when you think of your cup, what are you working on right now within yourself?

Brandon Beachum (08:35): Great. Ah, question for me. One of the keys in my book is, um, there’s eight keys that I lay out as what I, uh, have found to be the keys to alchemize your life into the greatest and greatest version of yourself. And the fifth key is BBB. My initials are BBB. I definitely encoded that for me to figure out and to work on in this lifetime. I started my first entrepreneurial venture at eleven years old and have never stopped. And I’m definitely a do do doer. Uh, and then I find myself, I have all this, uh, fire. I’m such a catalyst to make things happen. And I’ve created from my friend’s couch with $20 in my pocket to a fastest growing private company with hundreds of employees and achieving what one in 10,000 entrepreneurs ever achieved as far as success level and plenty of failures. A lot more failures than success. But going and doing, and I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this, and kind of getting myself where I’m stretched really thin and then into a state of agitation and overwhelm because I am chasing a little bit and there’s problems. And as a serial entrepreneur my whole life, all entrepreneurs do is put out fires. That’s the job, pretty much. And so you have a lifetime of putting out fires and being the one that’s starting those fires by just go and go and go and going hard and not taking as much time for self care. So really learning that less is more, getting that, really working on– sometimes the most accomplished thing I can do in the day is like, Sunday I went for a hike. That’s kind of rare for me. I, uh, need self care. My to dos never end, so that’s really a big one for me. As someone who’s– less hustle, more alignment.

Julie Jancius (10:57): I would challenge you on that last statement. I was with you all the way until that very last point, because Spirit is bringing through so much all the time and just so many different ideas and so much different ways that we can connect humanity or reach humanity and get these messages from the divine out into the world. I don’t know that it’s a matter of alignment as much a matter of– how do you prioritize all of the different amazing ideas that are coming through, I guess praying and working with Spirit to channel through what?

Brandon Beachum (11:42): Yeah, so to elaborate, I can do anything. I just can’t do everything right. And I think what happens for a lot of us that are very open, spiritually, energetically, we can perceive how many times have you had this great idea about something and then all of a sudden you see it a month later, like, oh, my gosh, there it is. Because we’re all connected. It’s all in the ether. So if I’m wide open and really expansive in my views of reality and my potential eye could be anything. I’m the lead actor, director in my own private universe. Y-o-u YOUniverse. Nothing is off limits in my potential. And then you’re seeing and calling in and you’re hyper visionary sort of archetype. It can be a lot to sift through. When I say align with the things that are the priorities for myself, and learning that it’s not always learning how to become more of a master of space and time, understanding that by always approaching everything from the right energetic standpoint that shifts the results. Maybe I can do it ten times slower, but in the right heart, space and energy space. And, uh, miraculously, I got ten x. The results I would have got had I been hustling my butt off with stressful energy.

Julie Jancius: You’re speaking my language.

Brandon Beachum: Yeah. Which is really like a lack.

Julie Jancius (13:07): 100%. So I’ve been, uh, zoning in and channeling more about abundance. And when you dive into abundance, it’s very clear what you were saying before about the coffee cup and how you notice how much is within you that you have to work out of yourself. What I’m trying to say more so is how much we’re blocking our own gifts, blocking our own abundance, blocking the blessings, blocking the miracles, um, and just getting in the way. What do you recommend to souls? How do people really get out of their own way? What’s the secret sauce to bringing in and just allowing yourself to be the river that’s just flowing, instead of constantly throwing boulders in and these large rocks and creating this dam within the river.

Brandon Beachum (14:08): Yeah. What a journey that is. And like you said, we’re getting in our own– The only one in your way, the only obstacle is you. Whenever you find yourself. One thing is that’s a big trap for a lot of us is rallying against what’s wrong that’s holding us back. There is no out there out there. Your only job is to manage your vibration. Your life shows up as a reflection of your vibrational. If you’re if it wasn’t for Jimmy, I would know. On top of the world. But he’s holding me back. No, Jimmy’s not holding you back. There’s no one holding you back but you. Jimmy is a manifestation of your ideas about reality. And that prop is showing up in your movie as an example of your energy in some way, shape, or form.

Julie Jancius (15:05): I feel like, um, people do that to themselves a lot with money, too. If I just had the money to go do the thing, then I’d be where I want to be. No, that’s not going to change for you. And you’re just going to come to this 5, 10 years down the future. You are where you are. Start here and grow it.

Brandon Beachum (15:24): Yeah. Uh, anyone hearing these words, you are in the exact perfect spot to lead you to the next greatest and greatest version of yourself.

Brandon Beachum (16:51): Source is perfect in its delivery. It’s like this is the jumping off point. You at the cooler in your office. That the job you quote unquote hate. That is your perfect spot at the water cooler on Monday morning, um, for you to lead you and people are– what they’re trying to do is figure out how to affect the system in order to create what they want. There is no system. Even quantum physics is showing– you look at like the double slit experiment. If you want to look at it from a scientific standpoint, when consciousness is observing something, particles are in one place. When it’s not observing it, particles are in a state of quantum superposition or possibility. So think of it like this is very much like a video game. It’s all made of light. When we zoom in on any particle of light, it’s actually just waves of energy and potential. So it’s like a video game. You’re walking through the hallway to the castle, you decide to go left and right. It propagates in front of you as you’re moving. That’s what quantum physics is sort of pointing to. That is happening for us. There is no out there out there. You want to create an effect change out in the world. It starts right where you sit from within, be it to see it. Most people are doing something like work in order to have something like money, in order to be something like happy, right? Be something like happy and find yourself doing and having the things that are a reflection of that happiness. So you’re perfectly primed to start the only job– We all have the same job, same career, manage our vibration, because everything comes from that. We get lost in the illusion and really when we’re chasing something out there, we’re actually chasing our past vibrational offerings in a way, right? And it’s like you’re misinterpreting how your reality propagates and presents itself.

Julie Jancius (18:51) : So we want to use this opportunity to kind of talk about something that’s really been bugging me within our spiritual community lately, is I’m working with a lot of people who say, Julie, I looked into my human design, and I am the type of person who needs to be invited to the table, and I need to wait for that invitation. And I’ve really been having to work with a lot of people on– I don’t care if that’s what human design says because it’s wrong. And if you continue to tell yourself I have to wait for the invitation, you are going to be waiting 5,10, 25, 50 years for that invitation and it’s not coming. Invite yourself to the table. Invite yourself to do the thing. Anoint yourself, become the expert. Nobody’s born the expert, nobody’s born at the table. You invite yourself to the party, you invite yourself to the table.

Brandon Beachum (19:53): I definitely like this conversation and this line of thinking because the thing that I say for myself and I’m certainly improving, I’ve got much work to do. The more you know, the further you go, the more you realize there is to know and better potential that you have. Right? So from one perspective, some people view me as like, oh my gosh, you’re wildly successful and your life is a dream. And I live in this co-living and event space that’s know a magic spaceship and hub of consciousness for conscious community in Los Angeles, and you’ve had this big success, and I’ve had plenty of failure. I have plenty of challenges that we’ve even touched on some of today that I’m working on in myself. But the one thing that I say that I’m pretty good at and getting better at all the time, the only thing I’m really good at is making up good stories about myself. Right. It’s appropriate that I just had Bashar on  The Positive Head as my Soul Share interview this week. If you’re familiar with Bashar, he’s a channel, very well known channel, uh, incredible what comes through him. Highly recommend checking out his work. And Bashar talks about permission slips– like everything’s a permission slip. So, um, human design is a permission slip. And we can see this, by the way, if you go watch Magicians. Or there’s this guy, Darren Brown. He does this awesome documentary on Netflix called Miracles Fact or fiction, I think, something like that. And it’s like people can be healed from their eyesight and all based off the story. He’s putting on a show. And it’s like, I’m going to do this magic trick. You buy into it energetically. You buy into the story. You buy in. And then it’s all like placebo. It’s all like a permission slip. So if you tell yourself the story and here’s a book on human design, and here’s why it’s valid, and here it know. And if I sell you that bill of goods and then you say, yes, I buy this energetically. I believe this. This is true. Abracadabra translates to I create as I speak. You are literally spelling. You’re casting a spell. Your words are your wands. I think we’ll die and get to the other side and see it’s all placebo. If we all believed right now, we can fly the whole planet. I think we’d be zipping around in the skies. You’re in a hologram. This is an elaborate illusion. And so if you’re buying the bill of goods that my human design is rock solid and this is who I am and why I believe in it and blah, blah, blah. You’re right. If you say this has nothing to do with me, I can change it. I’ll take this because I like it. I’ll get rid of this because I don’t. You’re right.

(22:43) I’ve told this story my whole life. I just made it up when I was, like, 15. I don’t believe in getting sick. Now, I’m not going to say I’ve never been sick, but I’m 48. I’ve never been in hospital. I thrown up maybe a dozen times that I can remember my whole life. No aches, pains. I just made it up. It’s just like I just told a good story. Like, oh, you have the flu. Don’t hug you. No, let me hug you. Let me tell you my story, which is I can’t get it. I don’t believe in. It just something I made up. And we know by the way we look at science, 30% of all healings, and that’s low estimated numbers, including surgeries, are placebo.

Julie Jancius (23:20): Yeah, well, and just to be clear, I do believe if you have an issue, go to the doctor, get it checked out. Because obviously I believe in science.

Brandon Beachum (23:35): I’m not saying not to do it, whatever you believe, do that because it’s true. Having 2000 episodes and tons of healers and people, the amount of stories I’ve heard of tumors miraculously disappearing, the person has two weeks to live, here they are 40 years later, talking to me on the show.

Julie Jancius (23:55): No, you’re totally spot on about that. I just don’t want anybody listening to the show being like, I’m not going to go to the doctor. Um, and I do want to preface too, that when it comes to human design, I think there’s so much wonderfulness to it. It’s just that one purse, that one part about not inviting yourself, that– invite yourself, like, to your point, give yourself the permission.

Brandon Beachum (24:20): And if you’re hearing your words telling you that you should not take that in and you should invite yourself out of the countless people you could hear talk about human design and the infinite amount of things vying for your precious attention in this moment as you happen to hear this little podcast in this little corner of the world in this moment. It’s because you’re such a close vibrational match to the information in this podcast that it’s reaching you. So it’s reaching you for a reason. So maybe that reason, uh, maybe you want to tell the story is Julie’s offering of this idea around the invitation is because that’s a new story I should adopt.

Julie Jancius (25:02): Yes. I love that. I love that. So when it comes to abundance, and you’ve researched this, you’ve looked into this, you understand it so well. What are the secrets, in your opinion, to abundance?

Brandon Beachum (25:15): Yeah, well, that’s what the whole book, uh, I break down my eight keys to abundance that I found in my own exploration of the ultimate nature of reality, trial and error. And so I’m happy to rattle off the keys if you’d like me to.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, sure.

Brandon Beachum (25:35): And also happy, uh, to gift the book to the listeners as well. Uh, audio or ebook. As part of the way I got it out there was like, I actually did this fun gifting thing.

Julie Jancius: That’s awesome. Thank you.

Brandon Beachum (25:50): Yeah. Um, um, well, I’ll just tell you guys since I’m bringing it up. If you go to Goldenkey.gift, obviously, I’m just going to touch on these keys. But if you want to go deeper with them, go to Goldenkey.gift and use the code Love L-O-V-E which is written right behind you on your blackboard you can get the audio and or ebook for free. So the first key is see the oneness, the second key is know the illusion. The third key is focus your flow. The fourth key is align your intentions. The fifth key is BBB. The 6th key is trust the mystery. The 7th key is love what comes. The 8th key is master the YOUniverse. The Y-O-U universe. Master the universe?

Julie Jancius: That’s awesome. What do you mean by that? Master the universe?

Brandon Beachum (26:47): Well, I believe that we’re all the lead actor actress in our own private movie. I believe Source is infinite in its potential. I am a vantage point. This avatar Brandon Beecham, is the lead actor, director, and its star in its own private universe. And of course, I make it. I am the one. You’re a prop. All props in my movie, and I’m Source experiencing my private universe. I’m the only one in the room. It’s all reflections of me, reflecting me back to me, and vice versa. I’m a prop in your movie. You created me in this image. You’re the star here. And so Source is infinite. There’s enough room for all of us to have our own private universe and to be the star in. 

(27:36) You know, I saw, uh, a former guest of my show, a quantum physicist named Nassim Haramane, really incredible individual. He, uh, posted something a few years back that really stuck with me. And it was a graph. A 3D, toroidal twisting, cone shaped graph with points equidistance apart, stretching. And he said, imagine this stretching and expanding infinitely in all directions. And yet, if you go to any point on that graph, and you stood on it, it’s a center. So that’s you. That’s me. We are the center in an infinite beyond measure, scope of what Source, consciousness, higher self, God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, call it what you will. You are it. And you are a pinpoint. A vantage point from which it is experiencing itself. 

(28:34) And so when I talk about mastering the universe, is learning and understanding. People get so in their heads about, am I worthy? I’m not good enough. There’s never been a soul in all of eternity as worthy. More worthy than you. As worthy, yes. More worthy. You are as worthy as anyone ever has been, could be, or will be. You are it. You are source. You are God experiencing herself. It’s like there is no more worthy. The only one in the way of your worthiness is you. Experience saying I’m not worthy. And therefore you can have the experiences of lack, which means, which actually is a tool for it’s. Like my brother, he got years, uh, ago, long time ago, he didn’t pay a ticket. In his early 20s, he got pulled over. Years later, he got arrested and went to jail. He’s the most sensitive person I know. He spent like three days and four days in jail, whatever it was. I picked him up, they let him out at twelve oh one. So they could charge for one more day of having him in there. Picked him up just after midnight, brought him home. He was pretty traumatized in his experience. I cooked him a Hot Pocket one, two in the morning, whatever we got home. Now, he’s had a lot of really incredible five star Michelin meals over his lifetime. If you ask him what’s the best meal he ever had, it’s that Hot Pocket. Because the contrast of you can’t know that what you are without knowing that which you are not. So that’s the game of cat and mouth source is playing with itself. Um, I had Neil Donald Walsh on the podcast recently.

Julie Jancius: I love him.

Brandon Beachum (30:10): Uh, me, too. He was, I mean, very instrumental, those books, in late 90s, mid 90s, in my own Awakening the Conversations with God book series. Highly, highly recommend, huge bestsellers. He went through, like, losing his partner, his job, breaking his back, and started writing angrily to God and getting these answers. And they became huge bestsellers. And I asked him, in your dialogue with God, what was one of the most profound things that hit you personally? And he quoted, in the absence of that which you are not, let me say, in the absence of that which you are not, that which you are is not.

Julie Jancius: Explain that to people. When you posted this on Social, I had to go back and I had to watch it a couple of times.

Brandon Beachum (31:00): It’s one of those things. My partner, she’s a speech therapist. She goes, oh, God is full of double negatives, be straight will you, uh of course. I love it. She calls me the king of embedded clauses because I’ll be telling a story, but then embed a story within it, and then embedded. So, in the absence of that which you are not evil, let’s say that which you are love is not. In the absence of evil, love is not evil. Live is actually evil spelled backwards. So the dark, the, uh, not knowing, the not being good enough, the down and out, that contrast is necessary for the truth of who and what you are, which is beyond, if anything, we’re most scared of our power, probably because what we are is wow. And in the absence of not wow doesn’t really mean anything. It loses any meaning in eternity. Infinite, if you are infinite love and beyond power, beyond all measure. And there’s not the opposite. You have no contrast. You can have an entirely white room. Put one black dot. Now you have contrast, right? There’s a way to experience it in a way that’s meaningful. And that’s the game you’re in the middle of. And once you can remember and realize, let’s say you’re someone listening to this particular little broadcast, and you hear these words, it’s because you’re such a close vibrational match. And let’s say you’ve been through incredible trauma, hardship, really down and out really challenging experience up to now. And it’s worked against you because you tell the story like it’s bad. Uh, I would like to flip that and offer congratulations. What a badass that your soul chose to go through all of that so that you could have the epic– Because the greater one toils for the freedom, the greater the sense of freedom is attained, the higher the branches, the deeper the roots. So you’ve been putting down deep roots so that your branches can go really high. Congratulations. You signed up for it all. And now if you’re hearing these words, it’s because you’re ready to really own it instead of it holding you down. Can I say shit?

Julie Jancius: Sure.

Brandon Beachum (33:22): All that shit is actually fertilizer fertilizer, and you’re going to spring forth into something beyond your imagination.

Julie Jancius (33:32): Actually, there’s something that happens with entrepreneurs, and I get you, so well, uh, Brandon, because I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a little girl, too. When you are an entrepreneur, there’s an energetic opening that happens every time that you meet– And we interface a lot with one another as entrepreneurs. So every time you meet another entrepreneur and you’re like, okay, they’re doing this, it’s not a competition with others. It’s always a competition with yourself. And you’re like, okay, if they can do it, I can do it. I’m wondering though, how everyday people who maybe don’t want to be entrepreneurs can have that same energetic opening and see for themselves, hey, if this person can do it, I can do it too, because that’s all it is.

Brandon Beachum (34:25): Well, yeah. So a lot of people, once again, what’s the story? They’ll hear me. I could never do that. Well, of course he’s got this going for him or that or whatever. Or someone on social media. Social media has really done a number on a lot of people’s heads, like, oh, look at how perfect their life is. Of course, look how beautiful she is on and whatever story, I would say, instead of making it like they’re somehow better than you and demonstrating that to you, once again, it’s such a close vibrational match out of the infinite things that could be hitting your Instagram feed. You’re seeing that person, that thing that you would like to call in and have more of in your own life because it’s so close to you already. All you need to do is start shifting your perspective around what it means to see it and to bump up against it. It’s like, oh, joy. And they know this. This is pretty much proven. You want to know who you’re going to become, uh, in the next five years? Look at who you spend the next five people you spend the most time with. It’s like, what are you around? What are you inundated with? 

(35:35) So flip the story instead of competition. Once again, source is infinite. Infinite universes. There’s more than enough room. We get into the scarce mentality. There’s not oh, there’s already so many people doing, uh, whatever that bad story is. There’s infinite room, infinite abundance, infinite resources, infinite potentials, and ways that your higher self can deliver things to you. If you get in that pronoy, uh, everything is conspiring in my favor, optimistic outlook. And you don’t need to be the crazy entrepreneur if that’s not who you are. That’s okay. Great. What do you want to do? You want to be fulfilled? You want to experience whatever your greatest from this moment forward. You want to experience the greatest and greatest version of yourself. I believe your life is where free will and destiny play out. It’s destined because it’s already happened. Time is an illusion. Science shows that as well. You shoot me in outer space at light speed, bring me back a day later, I’m a day older, and you’ve been gone for 100 years, right? So my fifth birthday party is happening on another channel. I’m just not tuned into it. My five years from now birthday party is happening on another channel. I’m just not tuned into that’s. It’s destined because it’s already happened. Time is an illusion. We’re in the infinite now. Free will comes in where it meets that destiny, because Source is infinite and plays out infinite timelines and versions of what’s possible. And this is another thing Bashar talks about. Like, literally, it’s like you are stepping in and out of different timelines. Vibrationally, like a movie screen, flickers so fast it looks solid. And that’s what’s happening with my cells. I appear solid, as you see and hear me now. But really, the atoms that make me up are 99.9% space when we zoom, um, in. And what we call solid is vibrations of energy popping in and out of existence so quickly. We don’t know where they come from or where they go to, but they’re intelligent when they show up here. So you are literally flickering in and out of existence all the time. You want to flicker into the timeline that is the greatest and greatest version of your character. Source has already been there, done that, and gotten the T shirt. Time is an illusion. So you be it to see it. You align with it vibrationally. So your job isn’t necessarily to be the crazy hustler entrepreneur. It’s to know your worth, to step. 

(37:56) There is a path for you that no one can fulfill better than you. Could I’ll give you one hint about what it’ll be? It’ll involve service in some way, because it’s in giving that we receive because there are no you know. That’s why Gandhi said, if you’re going to find yourself, lose yourself in the service of it’ll, I’ll give you that hint for sure. It’ll involve service. And you don’t need to prove your worth. You’re worth by existing, and you’re already worthy. So now just accept that and then relax and follow the sign, synchronicities, spiritual breadcrumbs and allow it’ll show itself to you when you’re in the right vibrational state. And maybe you’ll become more of a go getter entrepreneur, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s something that’s effortless. I’m meant to be the housewife who has no children and takes care of my dog and even has a sitter for that and anything in between. 

(38:55) So there’s no right way. You get into your alignment with your highest self and your worth and then what’s better? Christmas Eve? I, uh, grew up celebrating Christmas, christmas Eve or Christmas morning, it’s arguable that Christmas Eve as a little kid was more exciting. What’s ahead? I don’t know. But I know I’m worthy of lots. And so you’re feeling that energy and you just allow it to start flowing and not this I got to chase or else all is lost.

Julie Jancius: Yeah. When I was in my 20s, going back to what you said, I contemplated for a couple of months that notion of how it’s true, like everything has already happened. And a part of my egoic mind was coming through saying, well, if it’s already happened then I don’t have to do anything. And Spirit was like, no. And tell everybody listening right now, you have to take action. Because that’s the point that I got to where that’s where your free will lies. Your free will is being in flow with that aligned vibration like you were saying, and choosing to stay in that alignment because that is your truth, that is your path and that’s what’s calling you forward. For those who maybe have that fear of trusting the mystery of how the universe is going to unveil things to us, how can they oh, it’s 11:11 here. Um, how can they best trust?

Brandon Beachum: Yeah. And finding that inspired action, right?

Julie Jancius: Yeah.

Brandon Beachum (40:30): Finding your passion. What do I feel passionate about? And following that is huge. And so if someone is having trouble with the trust, like you said, well, there’s a part of where your work know. Uh, I quote Chung yum chung in my book. It’s like the bad news is you’re falling through space. Nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground. And that’s what you’re experiencing. You are in eternity now. And you’ve always been in eternity. You have amnesia to what you’ve done prior to your birth, right? Well, unless you don’t, a lot of people will have experiences remembering some of those things too. Um, but you are in eternity now. And have you made it? Have you survived? Have you found a way? You have. Have you always found a way? Even if it’s challenging to get through, for you to be here now? Do you understand the amount of things that had to happen just going back? Like, I forget 100 years, you have like 400 sets of grandparents or something crazy. It’s like the amount of choice points and sacrifice and grandpa going left instead of right? 

(41:45) My grandfather just going back. My mom’s dad was standing on a boat in Pearl Harbor in 1942, and it got hit by Japanese bombers, and his friend standing next to him is dead. And he jumped ship and swam, and it’s still sitting at the bottom. The amount of things that had to happen just right for me to be here, you are beyond all possibility already. That’s enough. And that happened. You are the spearhead of consciousness and potential of a universe that is billions of years old. And here it is expressing itself as its greatest potential in you. Everything for you. And yet you don’t trust. You don’t understand. If you don’t trust, right? And so if you’re not trusting, that’s really where your work lies, is finding ways to tap into and perspectives like that I just shared really help to put it in perspective. Like, wow, here I am pissing away my life or judging it, or I’m not good enough. It’s like, what an insult to those ancestors who sacrificed. And you are it. And just tap into that, and you’re feeling it now. It’s a vibrational offering. Whoever’s listening, you can feel it in some way. Great. There you go. You’re in the vibrational pool in this moment of trust. And continue to bring yourself there through reading, through listening to podcasts like this, through practicing, affirmations, meditation, whatever you need, do. It’s just about rewiring your neural network. And that’s all science too. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Great guy. Biology of beliefs. Bruce Slipton. Study some of that.

Julie Jancius: Yeah, 100%. And do it your way. Like, the way that you feel called to do it is the way that it’s supposed to work for you.

Brandon Beachum (43:35): Yeah. There is no the only way. There’s only one truth, your truth. And that’s because you’re creating reality. You are the creator and created, rolled into one.

Julie Jancius (43:50): Amazing. So I know that you have a son. And if you had two minutes or, uh, maybe five minutes where you just had this time to impart the greatest wisdoms that you wanted him to remember, what would those be?

Brandon Beachum (44:05): Wow. Never gotten a question quite like that. And it’s interesting, what comes up as soon as you say that is like, well, everything that I’ve said here today is those in much longer than five minutes.

Julie Jancius: Yeah.

Brandon Beachum (44:16): But I think the biggest thing that comes back to me whenever I get a question like that is, what would one constantly remind him of his worth. And it’s a lot of what I pinged on here today is like, you are as worthy as any other soul ever has been, could be, or will be, period. Not realizing that and operating from a perspective of, I’m not good enough, I could be better, all those diminishing ideas, everything stems from that. When I created an ink, fastest growing private company, I was on my friend’s couch. I was in my 30s. By all normal standards, I’m a loser. Quote, unquote. I didn’t feel like a loser. I’m more of the perspective of the Chinese proverb, fall down seven times, stand up eight. Okay. All this has been great fertilizer, and I’m going to manifest all this abundance and success because I am source, and this has been a valid experience up to now. And it’s serving me to have these. It’s if you’re going through hell, I’d say, like, um, Winston Churchill said, if you’re going through hell, keep going. This, too shall pass. If you don’t like something, one thing that’s guaranteed– change, this too shall pass. If you love what’s happening, you better fully be present for it, because this too shall pass. And so be present and trust the mystery and continue to move forward. And always, if you ever catch yourself questioning your worth, stop and focus there on correcting that with the deepest, most profound truth. You are it.

Julie Jancius (46:04): That’s amazing. That’s amazing. So do you want to let everybody know? I love the Positive Head podcast, um, where to find that. And just one more time if you want to let people know where to find the free book.

Brandon Beachum (46:16): Yeah. So, yeah, Positive Head, um, almost 2000 episodes. A lot of incredible guests like you. Um, and I do solo episodes two days a week that are just me sort of freestyling whatever’s coming up. And a lot of, like, real time I learned this, I’m feeling this know. And then one Soul Share interview style a, uh, uh, so three total for me. And then my co host, Dr. Erica Middlemus, does. I do Monday, Wednesday, Friday. She does Tuesday and Thursday. So it’s a five day a week. Manage your vibration five days a week. Get into that vibrational pool. That’s the idea of Positive Head. Golden Key, the book Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance. If you go to Goldenkey.gift that’s gift and you put in the code LOVE, you can get the audio and or ebook for free. I read the audiobook, uh, with vigor and yeah, I also did a late night style, consciousness centric talk show called Optimystic. It’s like live audience and monologue and visionary art and musical performances and interviews and retreat guests at my place in the Mystic Manor in Los Angeles. And so, uh, there’s, uh, some episodes of that you can also find at Optimistic TV as well. I have some others that I haven’t even released yet that are way past– COVID. Kind of threw a wrench in what we were doing with that. But, um, yeah, that’s know, fun thing to tune into that, uh, I think listeners would enjoy as well.

Julie Jancius (47:40): Thank you so much, Brandon, for being on the show. It’s such a pleasure to, um, have you here.

Brandon Beachum: Yeah, thank you so much. This has been wonderful.

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