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The Spiritual Side Of Communicating With Animals – with Nancy Windheart

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Hello beautiful souls! Today, my guest is Nancy Windheart (animal communicator, Reiki master) as she makes us more aware of our ability to understand animals and especially our pets. This episode with Nancy is a combination of the two episodes she recorded for our Intuitive Kids podcast, but it was such a joy learning about this spiritual gift of communication that we had to bring Nancy to this podcast too! Not only does she teach us how to understand the language of animals, but she also shows us how animals have the ability to add more fullness to our lives.

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Julie Jancius 00:00
Here’s a preview from this episode.

Nancy 00:03
And you know, our animal friends, especially the ones that live with us, you know, we’ve all probably noticed they can be sensitive to what is going on with us. So maybe we’re sad, and they come to be close to us. Or maybe we’re really really happy and they come to play with us and be with us. And so you know, all of that is part of that. It lifts our energy,

Julie Jancius 01:32
Hello, beautiful souls. Welcome back to the Angels and Awakening podcast. I’m your host and author Julie Jancius. And friends, today we have a very special treat. This is a two episodes that we’re airing over on the kids podcast, but I know that you would just love to hear because it’s all about pet mediumship, pet psychics, and how you can tune into your pets more and their needs and how to connect with them. We have on today, Nancy Windheart and she is a world renowned pet psychic. She really helped me connect with my two dogs better. And I know she’s going to help you do the same at home too. So this is two different episodes for the kids podcast that we’re smooshing together for you today so that you can get all of this valuable information here at the Angels and awakening podcast. Friends, I hope you enjoy this episode. 

Hello beautiful souls. Welcome back to the Angels and Awakening podcast. I’m your host and author Julie Jancius. And today we’re here with a really special friend, Nancy Windheart who has the ability– You know, here at the Intuitive Kids podcast, we’re all about getting you in touch with listening to that divine wisdom, that intuition within you. And what Nancy talks about is telepathy, that everybody has the ability to communicate without words with one another. And she actually expresses that we can do this with our animals as well, that the pets that we have in our household right here right now, Nancy can teach us how to communicate with them. Nancy, welcome so much to the show. Thank you for being here.

Nancy 03:24
Thank you so much for inviting me, Julie. It’s great to be here and to share with the kids and all of your audience.

Julie Jancius 03:29
Yeah, of course, of course. So, what I wanted to have you dive into first is where did this start for you? How did you start communicating telepathically with animals? And for kids who don’t understand telepathy can you explain that more for them?

Nnacy 03:50
Sure. So this started for me when I was a kid. And it was what it is, is one of the reasons I was so happy to come on, on this show and talk with people about this because this came when I was a child. And I really believe very strongly that this is an ability that we all have. So I do this as a job. But it’s not a special ability that only some of us have. We all have this ability to communicate, and what I mean by telepathy is simply communicating without our human words. And this is a language that is universal. It’s that all beings share from humans to dogs and cats and horses and insects and trees. It’s a common language that everyone has. And so when I was a child, I remember communicating and just understanding my animal friends. The dog that was in my family, the cows in the barn when I go to visit my grandparents and I never thought of it as something unusual or something special, I just knew they were my friends. And I prefer to spend time with them more than with human children and people more frequently. I love to be with the animals, I love to be with the trees. And I understood them. And I knew that they understood me. 

And we had this common language that is based on feeling. It’s based sometimes on images, We’ll get a picture or we’ll get an emotion, or, you know, maybe a feeling about our body. And the way somebody moves or, you know, there’s a lot of different ways that this language can be spoken. Sometimes it’s just an understanding. Oh, I know that my dog friend doesn’t feel good. I can just tell. Right? And maybe the dog isn’t showing something outwardly. But we just have a feeling oh, something’s not right. Right. 

All of that is what I put under the topic of telepathy. It’s a nonverbal, intuitive way of communicating, that’s very simple. And we all have this ability. And what happens for us in the human world sometimes is that when we learn to speak, and to read and write, and to be in our busy human world and human culture, we forget, we forget this language. And we prefer to use this other language that we have. But the language never leaves. It’s always there. And we can always use it and access it at any time. If we remember that we know how to do this.

Julie Jancius 06:39
Yeah, that’s amazing. So when it comes to those animal friends, what I have found with our own animals– we have two shih tsus in my house, little teeny tiny doggies, and they raise the vibration of our homes, they really shift and lift the energy. Can you talk to everybody about that for a moment, too?

Nancy 07:03
Yeah, I love that. And I love Shih Tzus. They’re such a wonderful breed. And I’ve worked with many of them. And of course, I love all animals. But it’s great that you have those friends in your house. 

And, you know, when we say lift the vibration, what does that mean? It means that they bring to us so many gifts, of how other than human animals see and experience and feel the world. Right. And so of course, we know that we love them, and they love us. And there’s that beautiful exchange of just love and understanding, also companionship, and play and joy, and you know, our animal friends, especially the ones that live with us, you know, we’ve all probably noticed they can be sensitive to what is going on with us. So maybe we’re sad, and they come to be close to us. Or maybe we’re really, really happy. And they come to play with us and be with us. And so you know, all of that is part of that– It lifts our energy. And I think it’s really important to recognize that animals have as many complex abilities and understanding and feelings as humans do. So they can experience a range of emotions, and also a range of understanding. Sometimes our animal friends are more comfortable with the unseen world than we are as humans, they see things they feel things that we may not always notice or see and feel, and all of that, if we’re really listening to them and living in harmony with them, can help to just expand our awareness and our consciousness of what’s available. And, and and what is possible that we can sometimes lose in our human world. So I love that. And I think that animals do that for us in so many ways. That even ways that we may not completely understand. Yeah,

Julie Jancius 09:07
I don’t know if you follow this account over on Instagram, but it’s called @whataboutbunny and it is a dog who has these buttons that have like one word per each button and the dog can go and press the buttons. But I think it’s proving the conscious awareness within animals so much more than maybe our generation recognized initially, where this dog will say, talk about dreams and ask like what is a dream? And will talk about you know, I animal What are you You know, like that Not understanding the difference between being an animal and the owner of the dog being a human. So, as you learn how to communicate with your animals that you have within your home, what’s the first step? What is the first step to take?

Nancy 10:11
So, you know, I think the first step is to learn how to be quiet with them. Especially if there are children listening to this, like, you don’t have to be super silent, quiet, right. But what I mean by quiet is like being peaceful inside. And not doing a whole bunch of other things like, you know, being on our iPads, or being on our phones, or watching TV or, you know, but it’s cultivating, and really practicing being quiet inside when we’re with our animals. 

And you’ll find if you do that, that animals will be much more comfortable in spending time with us and being close to us. And so if it’s an animal in your family that you already have a relationship with, it may not be as important as it is being with an animal that you maybe don’t know so well. But that just that being quiet with them, take time to just sit with them, and just be with them without doing anything, or having a bunch of other stuff going on. And what that does is it creates space for us as humans, to really be able to hear and understand and listen to them. And then the animals go, oh, the humans have been quiet.They’re not so distracted and thinking about all the stuff and doing all this busy, busy, busy stuff all the time. They’re really here and there with me, oh, that means I can start to communicate and share more with them. And we can have an exchange of understanding. 

So I think that’s the first thing for people to understand. And then– and this is especially for the kids who might be listening to this, I want to say, you’re probably already doing it already. And you just don’t don’t realize it or maybe your parents don’t realize it. And if there are grownups listening to this, you’re probably doing it already more than you realize. Also, I think it’s really important for kids to understand that this is a natural way of being and you’ve probably already experienced this, you’ve probably already understood something from or about your animal that you just know, or you hear or you understand, or you feel. And so, really be very respectful of that and trust it. And, you know, it goes to this thing that– sometimes we talk– I know, I was told when I was a child, oh, you can’t be hearing the dogs, dogs don’t talk. That’s just your imagination. And I want to turn that whole idea upside down because our imagination, first of all, our imagination is real. It’s not something that’s fake that we have to get rid of. We want to cultivate our imagination. And we want to nourish our imagination. Imagination is our creativity. And it’s our intuition. And it’s our understanding of what’s possible for us. So first of all, imagination is beautiful. Cultivate your imagination, and trust what you feel like you’re understanding and sensing and feeling. And we all can tell the difference. Even a small child can tell the difference between something that’s completely made up. Like if I said to you, I had a conversation with a rattlesnake, and she told me that she wanted to wear roller skates in New York City, you know, you would know that that was a completely made up story. It’s kind of a fun idea, right? And you know, it might be great for a story, but you would know that probably the rattlesnake didn’t say I want to put out a pair of rollerskates, right? But if I say to you, the rattlesnake told me, I’m up on the trail ahead of you, and I don’t want to hurt you. But I need you to go 20 feet around that big rock up there so that you don’t disturb me. And that is a feeling that has a feeling of truth, right? And I’m going to trust that I’m going to listen to that. And you know what, I might not have heard that clearly, that’s possible. But I’m gonna stay on the side of trusting that and believing what I’m feeling, believing what I’m hearing. And if I don’t understand something completely, I can ask for more information, right? 

But I want people listening to this and especially kids to trust those feelings. Trust those things that come from your animal friends, and cultivate that relationship of understanding because once you say, I hear you, I see you, I know you’re there, I know you can communicate with me and I can communicate with you, Then it starts to grow and it starts to expand. So just like you know, we water then take care of a plant until it starts to grow from a seed. When we water and take care of that intuitive ability that we have to have communication with our animal friends, then it starts to grow. And the animals go, oh, yay, they can hear me. Wonderful. Now I’m really going to help them. I’m really going to show them I’m really going to help them. And especially with the animals in our families that we know and love, and who know and love us, they will be so happy, and so excited that people are really listening to them and paying attention and understanding them.

Julie Jancius 15:37
Amazing, amazing. Yeah, thinking back to owning a dog when I was a little girl growing up and that dog being in our house, it’s interesting that you say we’re already doing that already because I think those moments with my golden retriever growing up were the most quiet still moments where I would just kind of lay on her tummy or put my head up to her tummy and just pat her back and just be still with her in my day and connect with another living being. And I enjoy those moments now every day with my doggies. 

And what’s interesting, I think as you go through life too, and you get a little older, you realize that communication, and every single human being just wants to be seen and heard and validated and loved. And the more that we know about one another, to your point of communicating with the animals, the more that we know about them, the deeper our relationship with them can go and grow. So I want to leave kids with a couple more insights, maybe your favorite insights of how to connect with animals, or maybe a favorite story that you have or both.

Nancy 16:57
Sure, well, you know, when we can really understand our animal friends, then it can help us in a whole bunch of ways. And I love that story that you shared about your dog when you were a kid, right. And that’s a great example of you weren’t necessarily communicating about something, but you were just being together. And in that you laying on her and she laying with you, you were just sharing that deep understanding and connection and love. And so that’s the first thing I think for people to understand is that it doesn’t have to be a conversation about something like you and I are having a conversation right now. But it can be. And so sometimes we have understandings that can help us to solve problems with our animals, or understand something that they need or want from us. 

So, you know, I’ll give a simple example of somebody that I worked with recently who had adopted a kitten. And the kitten was having a really hard time figuring out how to use the litter box. And the person had done everything right. All the recommendations of you keep him in a small space to begin with. And you have the right kind of box, you have the right kind of litter and this little kitten just could not figure it out. And he kept going in other places around and didn’t understand how to use the litter box. And so this person asked me to communicate with the kitten and see if I could help to understand what was going on. And the first thing he said to me when I communicated with him and asked him about this issue is I can’t find the dirt. I can’t find the dirt. And he was his little little baby boy kitty, right? I can’t find the dirt. I don’t know where the dirt is. And it turned out he had been an outdoor cat. His mama was a stray cat. He had been born outside. He had been raised outside and he gave me all of that information by pictures. So I saw when he was little he was with his mommy. They were living outdoors. And they were living in a place where there was dirt. And she taught her babies– this is how we go to the bathroom. We scratch in the dirt. And they were living here in the Southwest where it was a sandy dirt where they were living. And then so you know what happened is this, this kid this kitten and his mama were rescued. And the person– that the human person– had adopted this little kitten, right? So, you know, it was all a happy ending in that way. But he had not had the experience of litter and a litter box. And it didn’t feel right to him and it didn’t smell right to him. He said where’s the dirt? So I suggested to the person that she’d go outside and get some dirt from the yard and mix it in and then gradually change the ratio of litter and dirt and help him and and that’s all of the problem and he was like, Wow, I understand there’s the dirt. And so you know, it’s a practical thing, right? And you know, for this kitten and his person, it changed their lives because the human person was going, what am I going to do? You know, I’m living with this kitten who can’t figure this out, right. And so that’s an example of how we can use this to really understand the perspective of what’s going on with our animal friends. And help them as much as they are able to help us.

Julie Jancius 20:36
Amazing. I love that. Now, as an animal communicator, you work with all sorts of animals, you work with horses and kittens and dogs. Do you work with reptiles to turtles and lizards? Talk to us about, like, what you have turned into a spiritual business for yourself and kind of how this works.

Nancy 21:00
Yeah, I mean, it’s, you know, there’s no limit to species, right? So any species can communicate in this way. And so what’s very interesting is to feel the different perspectives of different kinds of animals through their species lens. And so yeah, I mean, insects, reptiles. I’ve had reptiles, I had a student in one of my classes, who had a pet snake. And so she asked if she could bring her Snake. Snake was such an incredible teacher for the people about what she understood and what she experienced in her relationship with her person. And how she felt about being a snake as a, you know, kind of a wild animal, but a snake who had been born and bred in a captive situation, and who was living with a human. And she was very close to her human, and they had a really beautiful relationship with each other, which is different than how she might live if she were a snake living in the wild. 

So, you know, I’ve worked with animals, who live in rescues, and also wild animals, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with wild dolphins and whales. And that experience is incredible. And what I’ve learned with all of this is that when you use the word spiritual, it really is this understanding that we are all spiritual beings, we are all more than our physical body. And you know, and this, it goes into, you know, your work also right with mediumship. And connecting with those who are in the spirit world, animals can do that, too. We’re all more than our physical body. And we have the spirits and this energy and souls. And we wear different suits, right? And we have different experiences in our different species. 

But fundamentally, we’re all the same in that way. And we can all relate to each other in that way. And so it’s a different idea than the idea that humans are the smart ones, and the superior ones, and the ones who are, you know, kind of at the top in the world, and then the others are underneath. No, we’re all equal in this way. We all have things to share. And I’ve worked with so many animals who understand things and know things, and are able to teach and communicate about things that we as humans can barely understand. They have such an incredible intelligence and wisdom. 

You asked about how it kind of came to this. This is a second career for me and one that I never expected to have. And it just opened up for me as I was guided, but I was a professional musician and music teacher for many years. I worked as a teacher and as a performer and a lot of different capacities and the animals, you know, were always important to me. And at a certain point, I began very much devoting myself to the study and the remembering for myself and the uncovering in my own spiritual journey of this way of communicating in this way of connecting. And so it became something that I now do as a profession, as a job, kind of unexpectedly, it just started to grow and grew and grew. And then at a certain point, I realized this was really the path that I wanted to be on and so I made a change and I’m no longer working in the music world, but that’s kind of how it happened for me. What I want to say is it doesn’t take somebody doing it professionally and as a job to engage in this kind of communication and understanding. We can all do this.

Julie Jancius 24:57
Yeah, amazing. Well, I have an 11 year old little girl. And I’d love for her through this podcast and all kids out there listening, to really see that there are all different careers that we can have. And that we can really select a career. And I want my daughter to go to college, and I want her to get a degree. And I want her to have that behind her. But then I also want her to select a career that really speaks to her heart and fulfills her soul’s mission here in this lifetime. So I think it’s so powerful, Nancy, the work that you do, and you can just feel how much you love it, and how much wisdom you’re bringing through and making connections between animals and humans. So thank you so much for all that you do. Where can people find you?

Nancy 25:47
Best way is to find my website at NancyWindheart.com. I’m also on Facebook and Instagram. And I have a little YouTube channel that might be growing at some point. I don’t know. But check out my website. And yeah, I love to connect with people and welcome anybody who wants to come into the community.

Julie Jancius 26:16
Yay. Well, oh, my love. Nancy, thank you so much for being here.

Nancy 26:20
Thank you, Julie. Thank you for inviting me in. And thanks to all of the listeners and viewers.

Julie Jancius 26:30
Hello, beautiful souls. Welcome back to the Intuitive Kids podcast. I’m your host and author, Julie Jancius. And today we’re back with your friend, Nancy Windheart. She is an animal communicator. And last time that she was on the show, she was teaching us how to communicate with the pets and animals that we have in our household. And I want to go a little bit deeper with her today here because Nancy, I was talking to you in the last episode, we have two little Shih Tzu, little baby doggies. And they’re not babies anymore. Ones like seven and ones five, but they are tiny, right? Like they’re just nine pounds. And they get a lot of anxiety, not all the time, but around specific things. So when we start packing the bags to go on a vacation, even when we take out the suitcases, and they don’t know, right, they don’t know, if we’re going away for a night or for a week, they become restless, just so much anxiety. And so I sit there and I try and calm them and I try and tell them, we’re coming back. It’s okay, Grandpa is coming over, you don’t have to go anywhere you’re gonna be here, you’re gonna be safe. What I don’t find that it eases their anxiety. 

Also, when we put them in the car, if we put them in the car, it’s normally to take them to a doctor’s visit, or to the groomer to get their bath and their hair cut. And they just whimper in the car. Just terrible. They shake and they whimper. They do not like going to the groomer and getting their hair cut or their bath. Same with a bath at home. If we do the bath at home. They don’t like it. Tons of anxiety. What tips tools tricks? Do you have to kind of calm their energy and just help them come into a more vibration of ease? I don’t want them to be scared.

Nancy 28:35
Tell me can I get the names and ages and genders of your dogs?

Julie Jancius 28:41
Yeah, so Fluff is the one who’s about seven. And Lulu is the one who’s about five. And Lulu is a girl. Fluff is a boy. Yeah.

Nancy 28:52
So I just you know, so can talk generally about this issue, because you’re not alone. They’re not alone. And then if you want to, and I know we’re doing this live, but if you want to, and with your permission, I can also check in with each of them individually about what’s going on for them. 

Julie Jancius
Wow, let’s do it. 

Yeah, so there’s a couple of basic principles. And the first principle is anytime there’s something going on with our animals, like an anxiety issue, we want to start with the animal. And that’s why I’m asking asking you, right, start with the individual because there’s a bunch of different different reasons that that could be happening, right, and you understand some of them. But we always want to start with the individual animal first rather than generalizing. Really understand what’s going on, from their perspective about these issues. And then, you know, and then in general in terms of anxiety, we can talk about some of the some of those, but let me just let me just check in with each of them. And so just for people watching my process is that I’m focusing in on each of these two dogs, you know, individually, and really was just the intention of help me understand what’s going on for you. Are there other situations that it comes up with? Besides the leaving for vacation and riding in the car?

Julie Jancius 30:21
That’s pretty much it. Those are the two. Yeah.

Nnacy 30:25
And otherwise, normally kind of in your daily day to day lives they’re not expressing. Okay? All right. So let me just check with them about these two things. 

So on the first thing, and they’re both, they’re kind of going back and forth between the two of them. But Fluff comes in first. And he says, so when they when you’re getting ready to go on vacation. We all need to be together, it’s our job to take care of you. And your job to take care of us. We all need to be together. And so it’s not about feeling unsafe, staying at home with their grandpa, right. But it’s this is we’re all supposed to be together as a family. And we don’t like it when we’re not all together, because then we can’t take care of you. And they’re showing me especially your daughter, right? We want to be with her, we all need to be together. That’s our job. And so it makes us feel uncertain. And I can feel the energy is like, you know, is as he’s saying this to me? Like we just don’t? We don’t we don’t know. We don’t know, we don’t know. 

So with that one, one of the things that you can do, because as you found out just saying it’s okay, you’re going to be okay, you’re gonna stay home, grandpa’s coming over. It doesn’t help. Right. All right. So you need to help them understand a few more things about it. Okay, you think that this might be more than we have time to do together today, but you can do this on your own? Because the ability to connect with them? So you know, first of all, give them some real clear information about, first of all, why is it that they can’t come with you, right? So maybe you’re going on an airplane, that that would be really stressful for them, right? Or you’re going someplace where they’re not allowed to be, or you’re going on a long long car ride, which you know, we know that they’re not thrilled about anyway, right? So there’s a reason they’re not able to come with you. And there’s a reason that you need to go wherever you’re going, right. And so just to help them understand you, right, this, this isn’t a situation where we can all be together, sometimes we have to be apart. And then to really let them know how long you’re going to be gone. And what it looks like. So you do that by giving them pictures. So even communicating with their grandpa who, presumably, that somebody that they know, and average kinship with and like right now is going to come and stay right. So you just give them that picture of him, and they’ll understand who that is right. And then we can also communicate to our animals about time. And especially our friends who live with us in our families, they understand our routines, right. So, you know, for many animals, you know, just like all of us, they have a clear understanding of day and night, right? Light and dark, you know, sleeping time and wake time. And then also they can have a sense of depending on our family and the routine of the like, say the length of time of a week. And I know, it’s all different now with the pandemic and a lot of people working from home. But you know, the idea of, for example, the people go away from home and the kids go to school during the week, and then on the weekends, they’re home more gives the animals a feeling of okay, that’s what that pattern of time of a week is. We can use that to communicate to our animal friends. Okay, we’re going to be gone. Let’s see, we’re going to be gone a week. All right. So it’s gonna be this many times of the night time, of the dark time, right? And this many– they’re the same amount of time as like when you know, we go to school for a week, and then we have a weekend, that amount of time to kind of let them know, okay, this is how long this is going to be. You know, grandpa’s not going to be living with you for you know, a year, right? It’s gonna be a week, right? And then we’re gonna all be together again, then we can give them the pictures of, okay, we’re going to come home, we’re going to all be together again. 

So that’s a way that we can help them on just that understanding level. And then sometimes animals need more help than that just on the physical level. So this is where things like some people will use things like energy work like Reiki to calm them down. Or sometimes, you know, check with your veterinarian. But, you know, sometimes there are herbal supplements that you can give them to help to calm them down. One thing that I recommend a lot because it’s easy to find, and it’s safe. And I think it’s worth a try for anxiety is Rescue Remedy, which is a flower essence that you can use, you can get it at you know, most, you know, health food stores, that kind of thing. And it’s you just can put a, you know, a couple drops in their water. And it just helps in stressful situations, it helps to calm things down. So those things can help, it may not always be enough, right? It might not make them completely calm and relaxed, right? You may have to go through this a little bit. But those are some things that can help to dial it down. And then as much as possible, also keeping your energy calm, right. And like going on vacation, we get all, you know, busy and stressed out trying to pack and you know all of that. So that can impact them too. There’s a lot of change, there’s a lot of movement, right? So on the on the going to go into the car, do you ever do things in the car with them that are not the vet or the groomer?

Julie Jancius 36:19
We don’t often because we live right near a prairie path where we can walk to everything. We have this other lake that we can go walk around, there’s just a ton that we live around that we are able to like get them out? Yeah.

Nancy 36:35
So what I get from them about that there’s two pieces, and one is just that, that the car always means we’re going someplace where it’s stressful, right? Yeah, so and then the other thing I’m feeling and I’m feeling this, especially from Lulu is that the car itself, like the motion of the car, and the whizzing by, you know, the fast motion, and the whizzing by really makes her not feel well in her body. And yes, right. And it’s true for both of them, but then they bounce off each other too. Right? So they get them all worked up. Right. So, you know, really understanding that. So it’s both parts of it. 

So if it’s something you want to work with them on, then then we go to the behavioral, like what a dog trainer would tell you a good positive, reinforcement based positive dog trainer would say, Okay, you need to start working on making the car, something that’s not scary, right? And you have to see, depending on how uncomfortable the actual motion of the car is, you maybe do this for just a short drive around the block, but then you get someplace fun, when you really enjoy and some really wonderful treats that only happen when you go in the car. So that’s, you know, to work with it that way, if you want to help them acclimate to that, and you can use the Rescue Remedy also, right? If you’re gonna go to the vet, or you know, go to the groomers, you can use that to, you know, that can help but it’s often it’s often not enough when it’s kind of an ingrained thing, but you know, to start to re retrain that and rework that is something fun, and something happy for them. And with the anxiety, one other little tool I mentioned that you might try if you haven’t, is sometimes the thunder shirts that you know are used for animals who are really scared of thunderstorms, they can be helpful for car rides, and things like that. So, you know, I always tell people, they’re worth a try. They work great for some animals, they don’t work great for others. But, you know, I think it’s worth a try, at least.

Julie Jancius 38:46
Yeah, that’s a great idea. And you hit the nail on the head to. It’s Fluff who is definitely more scared of the trips, he does not like it. And it’s Lulu who gets more scared in the car. So it’s interesting that you really kind of pulled those two through. I love that. When it comes to your work with animals. I know that there are so many lessons that they’ve been able to teach you through their own animal wisdom. Can you share some of the– maybe your favorite and most profound lessons that animals have helped you see life in a different way?

Nancy 39:27
Yeah. Oh, I could talk forever about this. But yeah, I’m thinking, you know, I’ll share first about one of my cats who recently died. And he was with me for almost 20 years. So he lived a very long life. His name was Louis and he is still very present and very connected with us. And he was a cat who, when he was here in his body he loved to be on the earth and I made little safe places for him where he could do that where he wouldn’t be in danger. He loved helping people to hear and understand, and one of the pieces of wisdom that he would always share with people and it sounds very simple, but it’s actually very profound is sit on the earth, connect to the earth, feel the earth. And he would say, just like feel the earth through your belly, like I do as a cat laying on the earth, but also through the paws. And his, he would say, it’s really good for humans to walk on the earth, and touch the earth with their feet and touch the earth with their bodies, that this is really helpful. And it’s really the way that we connect with each other. And with spirit, you know, is through the Earth. We don’t have to leave our bodies and go up someplace else, but we connect through the earth. So that’s one lesson. 

And then, you know, boy, um, I’ve had the privilege of spending time with wild dolphins, and being in the water with them. And these are not dolphins who are in captivity. But these are dolphins who are, you know, wild dolphins who choose to engage with and interact with people on their own terms. And, you know, some of the things that they have showed me and taught me about love, and about connection and about interspecies understanding, and compassion, and the way that they have such understanding and compassion for the human species, even though they know maybe better than we do, and a lot of ways how much our species has had, you know, a bad impact on the oceans and on the world, but so love and compassion. And same with some of the whales that I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with, where they, they come and they want to share with people this broader understanding of life, and connection, and the universe, the cosmos, what’s possible, what we can feel, what we can hear what we can understand. And so they have this vast– I’m thinking of whales in particular– But this is also true for the dolphins– that I was talking about this vast understanding of energy, and communication and feeling that extends so far beyond their physical bodies, and just deep into the oceans and into the currents. And I mean, it just goes on and on. And so really, I guess what I’m saying is the sky’s the limit, right? There’s so much that animals can teach us and help us to understand on all levels, right, from the most practical, physical level, to the most expansive, spiritual levels, it’s all available. And each individual is different. So, they may not all be interested in communicating on those vast spiritual levels, right, but the ones that are I mean, it can just, it’s completely expansive, and sometimes can really just be mind blowing from our human perspective.

Julie Jancius 43:18
Amazing. Nancy Windheart, you are always a joy to talk to you. Thank you so much for teaching us all today how to calm our animals, anxieties, and fears and other ways and, and sharing those words of wisdom from the animals that you’ve learned those lessons, Nancy, and can you share with everybody if they want to find you if they want to learn how to telepathically communicate with animals? Where can they go to do that?

Nancy 43:43
Best place is my website, it’s NancyWindheart.com. And you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Julie Jancius 43:49
Perfect. We’ll put all that information in the show notes below. Thank you so much, sincerely for being here. 

Thank you Julie. It’s been wonderful to share this time with you.

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