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The Power of Sleep with Abby DesJardien


Abby DesJardien is a sleep evangelist who believes sleep is an act of reclamation. Through her podcast, challenges, 1:1 coaching, and membership, she teaches women in business how to transform their work and lives through the power of sleep. As a recovering workaholic and insomniac, she knows the struggle is real. She helps her clients go from exhausted and burnt out to rested and on top of their game. Abby lives in Seattle with her husband, three girls, her rescue dog, Harry Pawter, and her cat, Lola (she’s not a showgirl) . When she’s not preaching about sleep, you can find her kayaking, reading a good book, and driving kids around in the minivan she swore she would never own..

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our bodies and relationships breaking down
  • Why it’s important for women to reclaim their sleep
  • Collective experiences we share as humans
  • Women being shamed for not taking care of themselves when they need to
  • How Abby teaches people to recognize exhaustion energy
  • Understanding how you feel about your days when people ask, “How was your day today?” 
  • Having vivid dreams vs not having dreams during the night
  • How to get better sleep 
  • The difference between night owls and early hours 
  • Making time for yourself and how important it is for self-care
  • Abby’s best three tips for a better day

Connect with: Abby

  • The Sleep Reclamation Project: www.abbydesjardien.com/membership
  • Things That Keep Us Up At Night Podcast: https://anchor.fm/abby-desjardien
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/abbydesjardien
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/abbydesj

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