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Today on the podcast, we have on one of my students from the Angel Reiki School, Kristen Bly. She has a very unique perspective as someone who wasn’t sure if she could do this work or not. She’s always had a sense of knowingness, even as a child. When we first began working together, she felt like it just wasn’t working for her. She experienced a great deal of self-doubt. Over the past couple years, Kristen has made SO much growth in her Spiritual Awakening and has learned to trust her intuition and receive messages from her Angels. She’s sharing her story with us today!

Kristen’s message for you today is that no matter what form of healing you are called to, if your egoic mind is getting in the way saying that you can’t do it…it’s not the truth! Yes, some people need more time than others. However, it’s also true that ANYONE can do this work if they set their mind to it. Believe in yourself and the direction that your heart is being pulled. Trust your Angels!

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